YOU by Skechers Review

YOU by Skechers Review

One of the few perks of having my blog and its related social media is that I get invited to some pretty cool events. Recently I was invited along to the launch of the new YOU by Skechers shoes where we were did a yoga class in a pair of the new YOU by Skechers shoes. The yoga class was held on a Saturday morning and it was a really nice and relaxing way to kick off my weekend.

The new YOU by Skechers come in a slip-on or lace up design and just like every other pair of Skechers I own they are super lightweight. I was given a pair of the slip-on ones and I’m stoked because I was thinking of getting a pair of slip-on shoes before this baby comes. My pair are in the white and grey colour combo which is great because they will go with everything.

YOU by Skechers review, Skechers NZ, Melissa Loses It, Review

The front and back of the shoe

I wore the shoes for the whole yoga class. Chrystal, who took the class, told us early on in the class that you would usually do yoga without shoes or socks on but since it was a shoe launch I was wearing those shoes! YOU by Skechers shoes are so comfy and light I barely noticed I was wearing shoes throughout the class. My feet were still able to move pretty much unimpeded and since the upper of the shoe is light and sock like it felt like I was wearing socks with a thick bottom.

I wore these shoes for the rest of the day, and the whole next day too. I went for a walk in them and they are a really nice walking shoe. They are super comfy but also supportive at the same time. The only thing I will take into account with these shoes in future is that my feet got quite cold at one point because I wasn’t moving around much and there was a little bit of wind. Since the upper is woven and not a thick, wind-breaking barrier my little toes suffered and got a bit cold.

YOU by Skechers review, Skechers NZ, Melissa Loses It, Review

Even my cat quite likes them!

In New Zealand you can get Skechers from the few dedicated Skechers shops like the one in Albany Westfield but all of their stockists are listed on their website here. They retail for around $129.99 NZD. YOU by Skechers are a “sporty walking and comfort athletic shoe with stitching detail” according to Skechers.

These shoes are really comfy and I am really enjoying them! Thanks to Skechers for inviting me to the launch and gifting me a pair!!

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