Pregnancy After Bypass: Week 8 Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy After Bypass: Week 8 Pregnancy Diary

I’m eight weeks into this pregnancy and it’s been a pretty normal week for me really. The week started with us having a relaxed day and going out for dinner with our friends which was lovely. I felt pretty good after the weekend and started the week off not so tired. This week the baby is about the size of a raspberry, it’s growing quick!

That didn’t last long though. I had my flu shot on Monday and I’m really crossing my fingers I manage to stay away from the winter bugs this year. Even having a simple cold during pregnancy sucks because you can’t take much to help you get through. The nurse reminded me I will need another whooping cough shot towards the end of my pregnancy too. Apparently you need one for each baby/pregnancy.

I have been so busy at work this week. By Wednesday I reached the point of being a permanently exhausted pigeon but compared to last week this week went faster which was good. I also had to go and see my periodontists hygienist to get my teeth cleaned and my mouth is in pretty good condition. My gum disease is still resolved so that’s a relief. I had read that if you have gum disease it can be exacerbated by pregnancy so I’m so glad I got mine under control before this pregnancy.

Over the weekend I took my little guy in to get a flu shot too, he wasn’t impressed but when I said it would help to keep me and the baby healthy he was much more agreeable. Then we went to a birthday party, I went out for coffee with my friends and we went out in the evening for dinner, drinks and a show with some other friends. After going to bed so late and having such a busy day I was exhausted come Sunday morning.

I really need to start making sure I don’t do too much over the weekends. I really need the time to rest and recoup some energy, this growing a whole person thing is exhausting. In terms of symptoms this week the only thing that I’ve felt is the tiredness. Absolutely unrelenting, dead tired tiredness. If I could exaggerate it more I would because it’s brutal. This is leading me to be very impatient, irritable and generally cranky. Sorry to anyone who has to see me on a regular basis.

My tummy hasn’t popped yet but I can see and feel that my tummy is getting thicker. My boobs are getting so big, I think they’re gone up one or two cup sizes already, that I think I wore some of my clothes for the last time this week because it’s just getting uncomfortable wearing them. At the start of my pregnancy I made sure I wore my favourite clothes to make the most of wearing them and I’m so glad I did.

How far along? Eight weeks!

How big is the peanut? About the size of a raspberry!

Total weight gain/loss? This week my weight went up by 500 grams.

Sleep? My sleep hasn’t been as disturbed as it was last week. Apart from the four year old doing his best to disturb me some nights I’ve been sleeping well. I think I may be hitting that point of exhaustion where I will sleep because I am just so tired.

Best moment this week? The week not dragging so much this week.

Symptoms? I’m so tired, so so tired. I swear my boobs got another cup size bigger this week too.

Food cravings? I haven’t had any cravings this week but I have been feeling weird if I go too long without eating.

What I’m looking forward to? Mum and Dad coming down for our little guys 5th birthday party next weekend.

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