Melissa, One year of goal weight maintenance

Melissa Loses It is a post Gastric Bypass lifestyle blog. I lost 70 kilos through weight loss surgery and I am sharing my journey and mission to maintain this weight loss with my readers. My lifestyle has changed in more ways than I can count since starting this journey and I struggled to find any New Zealand specific information or experiences online, Melissa Loses It came from that frustration. I get great feedback from my readers and my main aim with Melissa Loses It is to help people and their families who are going through a bariatric surgery journey. I also hope that my talking about it so openly will contribute to normalising weight loss surgery and reduce the social stigma around weight loss surgery.

I am a great advocate for weight loss surgery and the invaluable effect it can have on the lives of people who are morbidly obese. Obesity is a public health issue, years of being told to diet and exercise have not done anything to fix the problem and gastric bypass (weight loss surgery as a whole really) is repeatedly being shown as the most effective way to improve the health related outcomes of morbidly obese individuals. I have repeatedly been invited back by my surgical team to speak to patients considering weight loss surgery and have spoken to a group of nurses on an education day about weight loss surgery from a patients perspective. As well as writing, I enjoy speaking and connecting with people and will jump at any chance to speak about weight loss/ bariatric surgery. Please get in contact with me through my contact page if I can help you with anything like this.

I share tips, tricks and products that are relevant and useful to my audience with them. I receive the occasional PR product and if I enjoy it and it’s suitable for my audience I will share it with them on social media and my blog. Please get in touch with me via my contact page if you have an opportunity that may be relevant for me and my audience.