Smugglers Chicken Nuggets Review

You know when you find a healthier and yummier version of something and feel like you’ve hit the jackpot? I’d like to introduce you to Smugglers Chicken Nuggets from Get Real Food! I had received some Get Real Food sauces in goodie bags from Dr Julie Bhosale’s workshops and had heard they were launching a heathier chicken nugget. I tried one at The Food Show and then bought two boxes they were that nice.

Chicken nuggets have been one thing I have every now and then as a treat because I figure since they have a bit of protein in them they can’t be too bad for me. This is how I justified it to myself but I’m fairly sure my dietician would not have been impressed if I had admitted it to her. Smugglers Chicken Nuggets have been developed to be a healthier version to give kids but I think they’re not too bad as an option for WLS patients.

What I really like about this product is that free range chicken is used and it’s the first listed ingredient on the ingredients list (that’s the biggest ingredient in the product). The second ingredient on the list is cauliflower. This is how these get the name Smugglers, you’re getting in hidden goodness and nutrition. The following ingredients on the list are the other bits including herbs and spices and what they need to make the coating.

If you look at the nutritional panel it looks pretty good. Per nugget, I find they are about half the size of a traditionally sized one, you will get for yourself 2.1g of protein, 0.8g of fat, 1.5g of carbs and 0.2g of sugar. I can eat about five nuggets as part of a meal so that would give me around 10.5g of protein from the nuggets in one meal. The fat, carbs and sugar content of the nuggets are all really low and make it a pretty good option in my opinion.

Chicken Smugglers Nutrition Information

Now to the important stuff do they taste good? Oh heck yes they do! I far perfer these to normal boring old chicken nuggets. They have so much more flavour and I have to make sure I only cook the amount I can eat or I’d try and eat too many. Of course this means that since they’re a bit more tasty than usual my little guy won’t eat them but that’s a work in progress.

I’m really pleased to have come across Smugglers Chicken Nuggets and I love that Get Real Food have come up with such a great, healthier alternative to the dirty old chicken nugget. These aren’t something I will be working into my diet all the time but as an occasional treat it’s a great way I can have the same yummy dinner as my boys. I’d give Smugglers Chicken Nuggets 5/5 stars, they’re a bit pricey compared to traditional nuggets but being free range chicken and so much better for you I’m definitely willing to pay more for them.

If you’re keen to give these a go here’s list of their current stockists from the Get Real Food website. Have you tried Smugglers Chicken Nuggets? Will you try them now? Let me know what you think I’d love to see what you think about them!

*Please Note I paid for this product myself and have reviewed it of my own accord. I love sharing great things I’ve found with you guys and use my blog as a great way to showcase products you, my readers, might find useful!

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