Pregnancy after bypass: Week 15 pregnancy diary

Pregnancy after bypass: Week 15 pregnancy diary

I’ve had another quiet week this week. I have been so freaking tired all week this week still, I’m really starting to get over struggling through each day. The baby is about the size of an orange now and my tummy is really taking on a pregnant belly shape. It’s especially noticeable at the end of the day!

After totally overdoing it the weekend before I had a whole day on Sunday to do whatever. My little guy wanted to go out for coffee so we did but apart from that I didn’t leave the house. I really felt better for it but after making dinner I just completely ran out of energy. I need so much rest at the moment and I’m trying but life goes on and I can’t drop everything.

I had a couple of PR deliveries this week that were nice little surprises. I got some Tasti Smooshed Wholefood Balls which will be good to keep in my drawer at work in case I need a little bit extra. They are quite high in sugar (they’re mainly made of dates) so I’ll only be having a couple at a time but they are full of natural stuff so are okay for the baby too.

I’ve persisted with decaf coffee this week and while it’s nice and I enjoy it I’m still really missing caffeinated coffee. To say I cannot wait to get some proper coffee in me again is a slight understatement. Drinking decaf is almost teasing myself!

Work was fairly quiet this week and apart from seeing a couple of friends for lunch I didn’t get up to much. I tried to get a bit of study this week and I started with a new coaching client, well test subject really, so that was awesome. I really hope I can get a bit more study done next week, going to bed at 8.30 each night doesn’t give me much study time.

I finished up the week with a yoga class with Skechers to launch their new You by Skechers shoes. The class was taken my Chrystal Chenery and she is a great yoga instructor. I was a lucky duck and got a pair of the new Skechers and boy they are super comfy. I was thinking of getting a pair of slip-on shoes for when my belly starts getting in the way so I know I’m going to wear these heaps. I wore them during the class and then for the rest of the day and like every other pair of Skechers I have they are super comfy. I really enjoyed the yoga and it was a nice relaxed way to kick off my weekend. I think I might look into pregnancy yoga and see if there’s any classes nearby that will fit into my schedule. I’ve reviewed the shoes on my blog here.

How far along? 15 weeks now!

How big is the peanut? About the size of an orange.

Total weight gain/loss? This week my weight went up by 500g.

Maternity clothes? Oh yeah. I’m living in my maternity jeans. I think I’ll get another couple of pairs too.

Sleep? Has been good this week but even going to bed early each night I’m still tired. I’m still getting up to pee a couple of times a night but I’m used to it now and I’m going back to sleep quite easily.

Best moment this week? The yoga class. It was really relaxing and I enjoyed being still and having some me time.

Gender? Only four or so weeks until we find out and I can’t wait to know.

What I miss? Caffeine.

What I’m looking forward to? Seeing my midwife next week for my next appointment.

Bump? I’m really getting a bump now. I’m enjoying seeing my tummy take it’s pregnant shape and so far I’m not minding my pregnant body at all.

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