Basic Weight Loss Surgery FAQ’s

Basic Weight Loss Surgery FAQ’s

There are some really common questions that you get asked over and over when people find out you have had weight loss surgery. People are usually very curious and there are heaps of people out there who know next to nothing about it. I love getting a chance to educate people about weight loss surgery and as you can probably tell from my blog I enjoy talking about it and sharing my experience. Let’s get into it and answer some of those really basic questions about weight loss surgery.

When you’ve lost weight you’ll just get it put back, right?
This one is a firm no. No weight loss surgery is done with a view of reversing it. Gastric sleeve is not reversible since the excess stomach is removed completely. In RNY Gastric Bypass, the roux limb remains but it is only in very extreme cases and for medical reasons it would ever be reversed. Same thing for a duodenal switch, the bits are there but unless it was the only option it would never be reversed. Weight loss surgery is a permanent solution. In most cases, if you were to increase the stomach’s capacity again the person would gain the weight back.

Why don’t you try diet and exercise?
I have. Every single one you could think of in fact. Weight loss surgery is a last resort. Most surgeons won’t perform it unless you have tried many different ways to lose weight in the past. Also, if it came down to diet, exercise and will power alone I would have willed myself skinny years ago.

Can you have babies after weight loss surgery?
Yes, you can. I had a baby after weight loss surgery and it was so much easier than my pregnancy when I was morbidly obese. I was also able to breastfeed too. Many women consider weight loss surgery if they are experiencing fertility issues and I have seen quite a few go to successfully start their family after weight loss surgery.

Can you eat whatever you want now?
No, that’s not going to help me maintain my weight loss and stay at a healthy weight. There are big lifestyle and dietary changes that come with bariatric surgery. I have three meals a day, need to focus on protein and fresh foods and my body disagrees with foods too high in fat or sugar. Weight loss surgery is not a silver bullet and it is possible to gain all the weight back if you don’t follow your dietary guidelines.

How do I start the process for surgery?
Once people know you have had weight loss surgery you will get others who are interested in it asking this question. I started to seriously consider it when I had seen a colleague successfully lose weight after a gastric sleeve and it’s almost like a domino effect. One person does it, others watch and see the transformation and then they go and do it themselves. The best thing to advise anyone who asks how to start the process themselves is to talk to their GP and start researching weight loss surgery.

By talking about bariatric surgery and being open about the realities of it we can start to lessen the stigma surrounding it. It took me about six months after my surgery to feel comfortable telling anyone and everyone about my weight loss surgery and that’s something that you will know when is the right time for you. When it is, go forth and educate. By sharing our experiences, we are inspiring, helping and reaching others who may also benefit from the great stuff weight loss surgery brings. What questions are you asked repeatedly about weight loss surgery? Comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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