11 Days Out from my Gastric Bypass Surgery!

I will introduce this post a little bit before it kicks off. I have struck gold, blogging gold that is! I knew I had written one or two ‘blog’ posts on a weight loss surgery forum not long after my surgery. I went to turn off the email notification the other day (they send so many, ugh) and had a look at the posts I had written. To my delight I found four posts that I had written after my surgery. I have forgotten most of the nitty gritty detail now and it’s time that I will never get back. I originally wrote this on 16/02/2014.

For the next four weeks I am going to post these on Thursday and you can get a look into what was going through my mind at the time. This first post was written by me 11 days after my gastric bypass. I have very slightly edited it because what do you know my writing skills have improved since I started this blog. Enjoy!

I have to admit that I didn’t think I would recover as fast as I have from this huge surgery. I was quite sore for about a week after and was taking pain relief meds quite regularly (especially at night). Once I got my stitches taken out a week after I felt so much better. They were done up extremely tight and they pulled which made me quite uncomfortable most of the time. I’ve felt better and better everyday to the point now where I almost feel completely back to normal. I’m getting frustrated with the things I can’t do like lifting my toddler but I don’t want to damage any of the work that’s been done inside so I stop myself doing it.

I have my Mum and my husband around for another week to help me out my son and then its all back to normal! While I am really appreciating the help and I guess a bit of a break from being a full time Mum, I’m looking forward to getting back to our usual routine seeing our friends and being busy. He has only just got better himself. The day after I was discharged from the hospital he was diagnosed with Rubella (even though he’s had the vaccination) so he was miserable and even more work for everyone who has been helping me. He’s no longer contagious so now I can start taking him out again. I started going a bit crazy being stuck at home all the time.

Tonight I ordered my clothes in descending size order in my wardrobe so they are ready and waiting for me to shrink into them. I have a few things in most sizes so hopefully won’t have to buy too much on my way down. My watch is already becoming loose on my wrist and I’m noticing a difference in my body with the weight I’ve already lost.

I lost 15kg or 33 pounds prior to surgery.

In my first week after surgery I lost 4kg or 9 pounds.

My total loss so far is 19kg or 41 pounds!

I’m hoping to blog about my journey once a week because I think it will be nice to look back on in a year or two’s time! (This makes me giggle, if only I had known then huh!)

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  1. Gemma at 8:47 am

    Oh this is nice timing! My planned surgery in January had to be postponed because I got sick so new date is in 6 days. Reading a bit of nitty gritty early stuff from you definitely appeals.

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 6:01 pm

      Thank you for reading I appreciate it and am so glad to hear it’s helpful for you! I lost 8.5 kg on my own to get on the list and I used the Weight Watchers app to track food and exercise during that time. Then I lost the rest during the mandatory pre-op diet when I had to have Optifast for two weeks prior to my surgery.

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