Do I Regret My Gastric Bypass?

On Christmas Day of all days my teeny tiny tummy had a hissy fit and wasn’t really letting me eat much. This meant I didn’t eat much Christmas dinner and it was keenly noted by one of my nephews. He later asked me if I regret having had my surgery since it had affected me like that on Christmas Day and stopped me eating much.

My honest answer was, “No,” yes it’s a bit of a shame my tummy was being a pain and wasn’t letting me have any turkey but you know what, I actually couldn’t have cared less. I think I really have come to realise how much food is not a big important thing to me like it used to be in the past in the lead up to Christmas when I was planning and buying food ready for the festive season and I wasn’t too excited about eating any of it.

I have been asked a few times, often in situations where food is a main focus if I regret my decision because of what I guess others percieve I am missing out on. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and what I was choosing to give up prior to having surgery so I don’t in any way feel robbed because I can’t sit down and eat whatever I want to now.

The fact I have turned my life and health around and am able to do so much more there’s no space for regret here. Of course life is full of ups and downs and no matter what will never be perfect (like not being able to eat Christmas dinner) but I chose this path and if that’s the least of my worries then I can deal with that.

Until food and eating lots of it is not your main priority or pleasure in life you don’t realise how much everything and everyone is so focussed on it. Other people have a hard time accpeting that you have made your peace with it and you don’t care as much as they do and once that stops being annoying its actually really entertaining.

There are some things I miss out on and have to bypass (I’m so punny) in social situations but honestly I wouldn’t change my decision to have a gastric bypass for the world.

Do you have any regrets in having had a type of bariatric surgery? Comment below and let me know.

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  1. Carolyn at 8:14 pm

    you are so funny…and so encouraging!!
    So many social situations are based around food. Since being diagnosed with coeliac 4 years ago I have noticed this more because usually I cannot eat anything…:-( but 4 years on..and I do not care..I cared a lot for the first year probably……so hopefully I have already dealt with some “issues” before the surgery…if that makes sense.

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