A WHOLE New Wardrobe!

One of the things most bariatric patients look forward to is being able to get a whole new wardrobe when they reach their goal weight. I think we all underestimate exactly what that actually means. When I got to my goal weight literally everything in my wardrobe was too small. I almost feel like I am out the other end of the greatest wardrobe transition that I will ever go through!

I had thought of the usual things I would have to replace tops, pants, jumpers et cetrea, et cetera. I didn’t count on how many times I would have to replace things like bras and underwear. In the end I would just go to Kmart and buy a couple of cheap 3 for $10 packs of undies to keep me going until I shrunk out of them again.

Bras were a bit harder. I got fitted a couple of times because I actually had no idea where to start looking in the shop. I recommend you do this at least two or three times before getting to your goal weight. You of course need to get it done again once you are at your goal weight but at least then you should be set for a while.

My bath robe and pyjamas were something that I didn’t really expect would have to be replaced either. I’m still wearing size XL pj’s and I have to tie them up because they are way too big. I have replaced my summer ones so at least I have some that fit. My bath robe got to a ridiculous point of being too big where it was hard to get my arms out of the end because there was so much material, I do have a summer and winter one that fit me now!

My feet have gone down a size. I guess because they must have shrunk too my feet went down a whole size and I’m now usually an 8 in anything. I did used to be a 9/10 but not anymore. This also means that heels are far more comfortable and shoes are easier to find because my feet don’t look silly in some of the strappier kinds.

While jewellery is not strictly a clothing item all of mine ended up being too big for me. I had to take my wedding rings off about three months after surgery so I didn’t lose them because they were getting far too loose Basically all of my rings and bracelets were too big when I got to my goal weight. I had my wedding rings sized down after I had been at my goal weight for a little while and they went down four sizes. I’m getting my jewellery sized down a few items at a time since it’s not the cheapest exercise.

Other things I have heard about that need to be replaced are things like dentures, wigs and other things that have been made to fit your body. These are things you don’t really consider you would ever shrink out of after having lost weight but it does happen.

Replacing a whole wardrobe can be really expensive. One of my rewards for reaching my goal weight after my gastric bypass was going to be a shopping spree but I still haven’t got around to it (I’m useless!) I have built my wardrobe back up slowly and got things as and when I have really needed them.

It’s almost two years after my surgery and I finally now feel like I have ‘enough’ clothes. It is still such a delight that things fit me a year after I originally got them because that had never really been the case before surgery. It’s also really awesome to be able to buy things because I really like them and not because it was the only thing that vaugely fitted me that I could find.

Have you had bariatric surgery and had to start again with your wardrobe? Comment below and let me know I’d love to know how you managed it.

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  1. Joye at 6:02 pm

    Op shops….. I check out my favorites at least once a fortnight ekk for someone who loathed shopping before I am a wee bit of an addict now (shhhhh don’t tell my husband, actually I think he has picked up on it haha). But yes clothes ,underwear, shoes, pj’s everything has been changed. I put my wedding and engagement rings in a safe place and lost them for 4 mths (found them again thank god) but still need them to be resized. It’s been great being part of a network of others who have been through Bariatric Surgery it’s given me a place to pass down my larger clothes as I went down through the sizes…

  2. Angela at 7:36 pm

    I don’t comment often but I do enjoy reading about your weight loss journey. Well done on reaching 2 years and being able to maintain the weight. It must feel amazing. With you achievements, I think you deserve to finally have that shopping spree though. 🙂

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