Five ways to increase your motivation

Five ways to increase your motivation

I may seem like I am a constant bundle of energy and motivation but my motivation has its ups and downs like anybody else’s. I tend to have the personality that I’m all or nothing. So in terms of my motivation I go from highly motivated and really focused to having no motivation and just plodding along. I try to stay in the motivated frame of mind but it can be difficult to stay there all the time. Being focused, motivated and organised is a lot of work but once it’s your default you do get used to it and it’s easier to stay in that space. I thought I’d share my tips for how I get my motivation back when it seems like I’ve lost the whole lot.

I remind myself of the why.

I have a photo of myself when my son was only a day or so old and for me that’s my why. He was the catalyst for me starting down the path of weight loss surgery and wanting to live the longest life I possibly could. The photo sums all of that up for me and is a good reminder of where I came from.

I give myself time.

Sometimes I just need to get it in my head that things need to change and give myself a few days to mull it over and come to terms with it. When I am really lacking all motivation the more pressure I put on myself to get back to my best habits the less likely I am to succeed. By giving myself space to breathe, think about it and get excited about what I want to achieve I jump back on when I’m ready and do much better.

I set a goal.

I find this particularly effective in motivating myself to exercise. If I don’t have an event to work towards, even though I enjoy running, I don’t have half the motivation to get out there and get it done. But even aside from exercise goal setting is a really powerful motivator. You need to make sure your goals are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Time-bound, because if not it’s really nothing more than a nice thought. Setting a specific goal gives you something to measure your progress against and celebrate your success when you reach it.

I acknowledge how far I have come.

It’s really easy to lose perspective. We all get so caught up in our own heads and the things that are happening in the here and now that it can be so easy to forget how far you have come. It can be really valuable to take a moment to remember how far you have come. Lost 10 kilos – amazing, nothing to wear because all of your clothes are too big – awesome, health conditions improved – you’re a superstar. I think month by month photos were the easiest way to remind myself how far I had come after my surgery. Keep note of the positive changes you see, those NSV’s and anything great you didn’t expect so you can look back on it when you need a reminder of how awesome you are.

I do something that makes me feel good.

Dancing around the lounge with my little guy having a dance party. Having a coffee catch-up with a good friend. I find making the right choices to nurture and love yourself are way easier when you’re feeling good about yourself. If you need a kick start, do something that you love and enjoy that you know will make you feel great. When you get that reminder of how awesome you can feel you will be more motivated to keep it up.

Do you go through patches where your motivation becomes almost non-existent? Do you do any of these to try and find it again or do you have another great strategy you can share with me? Comment below and let me know!

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