Melissa Loses It Turns Two!!

Melissa Loses It Turns Two!!

Happy birthday to Melissa Loses It, happy birthday to Melissa Loses It …….

Today is my blog’s second birthday! Two whole years of me talking about life after weight loss surgery. Thank you for reading this post, for being here with me and for sharing your journey with me. I appreciate your visits to my blog so much, the fact there’s people who keep coming back to see what I’m going on about a couple of times a week never fails to blow me away.

Anniversaries and birthdays are a really good time to look back at the past year and see what you have achieved. The fact I’ve lasted another whole year of blogging, getting two new posts up a week, every week, and am still enjoying it is a great accomplishment. I go through patches where I’m not very inspired and have no idea what to write about but I always manage to pull through and find that inspiration.

I will never get over how great it is to hear from you lovelies, my readers, when you get in touch with me to tell me a bit about yourselves, your journey and how my writing helped you in some way. That’s why I do it, I really want anyone who is embarking on a bariatric journey to feel less alone on this path. This is what keeps me going and gives me so much satisfaction in the work I do here on Melissa Loses It.

I still have many of the same objectives that I had when I started out even though it sometimes feels like flogging a dead horse. I’m going to keep on trying to open up conversations about weight loss surgery and be a resource for anyone and everyone to learn the life and sacrifice that weight loss surgery patients choose for their best chance at a full life. One thing you learn pretty quickly is that the stigma towards obesity and weight loss surgery makes these things hard. On an helpful front I provide that real, been there done that, voice that anyone considering surgery wants to hear. I make sure I share any tips, life hacks or genius ideas and products with you to make life after surgery easier on you.

Over the last year I’ve started studying a Professional Coaching Diploma and I’m starting to work with people who have been through bariatric surgery to help them make the most of the tool they have been given. I really enjoy the approach coaching takes because it’s not about giving advice, for a start I’m not qualified to provide medical or dietary advice. It’s about helping someone through a process of change and help them figure out the best way for them to live life after surgery. A whole new world opens up to you after surgery and I want to help people live the life they always dreamed of but are not quite sure how to get there. Having bariatric surgery is one of the most disruptive and change filled things I have ever gone through.

I’m really excited to see where the next year takes us, what exciting things are going to happen in year three? Hopefully I will continue to develop the relationships I have been building and things will only get bigger and better from here. I’ll be almost done with my coaching diploma by next year’s anniversary, that alone is pretty exciting.

Since it’s my blog’s birthday I want to give my awesome readers something! I scrounged around and thanks to Fitbit I have a Fitbit Alta HR to give away! You can read my review of it here. Then I hit up Nothing Naughty and they gave me some of their great products to give away too!


I’m running the main giveaway over on my Facebook page so head my Melissa Loses It page to enter. The giveaway over on Facebook includes everything that’s pictured below. A Fitbit Alta HR in small and with an extra, large sized band, so whoever wins it will fit it. A whole box of Nothing Naughty Protein Bars and two of my favourite sized Sistema containers that I use all the time (pictured below). Head on over to my Facebook page, the post will be pinned to the top of the page while the competition is running and follow the instructions on the post to enter!

Melissa Loses it turns two! Fitbit Alta HR

I’m also running a giveaway here on my blog. This prize consists of a 500g tub of Nothing Naughty’s Vanilla Whey Protein and a Sistema protein shaker (pictured below)! To enter the giveaway here just leave me a comment letting me know what you like about my blog and any tips or suggestions you have for me. I’d love to know if there’s anything in particular you want me to write about!

Melissa Loses It turns two! Nothing Naughty, Whey Protein, Protein shaker

Over on my Instagram page is where the third and final giveaway is happening! This giveaway is a box of Nothing Naughty Protein Bars and two of my favourite Sistema containers (pictured below). Head to my Instagram page, find the post with the picture below and follow the instructions to enter! Feel free to enter all three competitions.

Melissa Loses it turns two! Nothing Naughty Protein bars, Sistema containers

So thank you, thanks for reading this post, a few posts or all of the posts I’ve ever written. I never ever thought I’d be a writer but I guess it’s just what happens when you write for your own blog. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Fitbit and Nothing Naughty for sponsoring my giveaways. They are two brands I love and use myself so I’m really pleased I can share them with you!

Terms and conditions of the blog based competition entry: Open to New Zealand residents only. Entry to the competition will be open until midnight Sunday the 28th of May. Please only one entry per person. Winner will be randomly drawn. I will contact the winner via the email address supplied with the associated comment. Please note: if you do not respond within 1 week the prize will be redrawn. The prize will be couriered and Melissa Loses It is not responsible for any loss or damages.

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  1. merrill at 6:35 am

    Hi Melissa, happy 2nd blog day….. I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles and have tried a couple of recipes, I love the way you keep it real.
    I am down 40kgs now, my first anniversary of surgery is next month, I must admit I have got a bit ho hum with meal planning lately, food just doesn’t feature in my thoughts all day long anymore, still eating well and healthier than ever before, but need some inspiration there. I have tried the nothing naughty bars they are lovely, would be keen to try the protein powder. I have just placed an order for some ams protein powder so I’m hoping it’s good, wouldn’t it be great if you could get samples to try before buying like 1 sachet , I do have a stock of products I’ve bought and don’t like, (would hate to add up how much I’ve spent). So if you’ve got any ideas on how to use it up in cooking/baking that would be great to.
    Keep up the good work 😊

  2. Becky Climo at 8:22 am

    I love everything about your blog because it’s so open and it feels like you’re just another chick who’s already been down the road I’ve started. You’re so honest about the little things that we all think and worry about. I only wish you’d write more and more and more! Hahaha! I’m so thankful for you and your recipes, reviews, and encouragement. Happy birthday MLI!

  3. Melissa at 7:57 pm

    Why do I love this page? What’s NOT to love?! Had my surgery in December last year, and in the leadup to, and of course after, I’ve been following all your posts for tips/tricks/hints on the post surgery life, it’s actually helped guide me a lot!
    Plus…well, you have the coolest name on the planet 😉

  4. Donna at 8:03 pm

    Happy blog birthday. I really love reading your blogs. I find your write ups about the different types of protien powders, bars etc especially useful when making decisions as they are not cheap products. Keep up the good work and you will make an amazing coach.

  5. Alana at 8:10 pm

    I love reading your blog, find it so inspiring. It is real which is what I love the most, your honest! Which is a blessing. I would love to see more recipe posts the pesto meatballs sound amazing.

  6. Laura Bailey at 4:18 pm

    Your blog is amazing! What I love most is that so many of the topics raised are things I think myself in my own journey and think I am alone or don’t like to ask the silly questions only to find out I am not alone 🙂
    Thanks so much and keep blogging, you are awesome at it!

  7. Carolyn at 7:17 pm

    🙂 love your blog. I talk to others about it…even the diabetic specialist who took down your blog details to give to others 🙂 I talk about you as if I know you and you are a friend! Thank you for being honest and real!
    I have been told I am on the waiting list to meet the team at Greenlane and that the waiting list can be 3 months…

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