Re-defining yourself after weight loss surgery

Re-defining yourself after weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is nothing less than epic. It enables a huge degree of change in what is probably the shortest time our bodies can physically handle it and with that it brings about this amazing metamorphosis of a whole person. One of the things I find most exciting about watching others go through the weight loss surgery process is watching them shed literal layers of themselves physically and the things they discover about themselves amongst this process of rapid outward physical change.

The first year post-op after any bariatric surgery is crazy. You’re losing dress sizes faster than you can count backwards (see what I did there lol) and you’re changing at such a rate your brain actually just can’t keep up. I hear so many people say they can’t or struggle to recognise themselves in photos because they don’t believe they look that small and they don’t see it when they look in the mirror. In some senses it’s almost like your brain is disconnecting from your body because it’s too much to comprehend.

This process leaves a beautiful opportunity and I think it’s only in hindsight I realize how amazing this time in my journey was. If I had realized at the time I might have taken even more advantage of this process. I thought I’d talk about it here so that if you’re in it or yet to experience it you can milk it for all it’s worth.

Reinventing yourself? Ever thought of doing that? It takes a certain kind of bravery (or in my case literally no f*&#$ given) to be true to yourself and start living life exactly how you want to. Post weight loss surgery is an amazing time to seize the day and start living life true to you and your dreams. Some of its stuff that you totally expect someone to do after losing a huge amount of weight, a new haircut, totally different style in how they dress, and a more confident relaxed attitude from them but it can and does go so much further than this outward facing stuff.

I want to challenge you to dig deeper. As things change faster than you can ever imagine your brain is going to be finding little hidden nuggets you might not have thought about for years. Your brain probably filed them away quite deep down because they were big, hairy and scary. There’s a big chance you were holding yourself back because of your weight, I know there’s many things I put off or lost interest in because of mine. Now that you’re coming more into your own and don’t have the literal weight of the world (these metaphors are so bad but my brain can’t think of any other way to describe it) on your shoulders you need to revisit these and give them some serious contemplation.

I talk a lot here about setting goals and making sure you live life to the fullest after surgery. You need to make the most of and enjoy your more capable body but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I mean the little whispers, that voice that’s calling you to do or be something. Over time that voice gets harder to ignore and these are the things that will satisfy your soul and make you feel more complete as a person if you follow through with them. Are they scary, might people judge you and tell you that’s not who you are? Probably, but you know what? You are the only one who knows, deep down, who you really are.

As you start acting on these things you will start to get closer to the most authentic life you can live for yourself. This will naturally lead you to living your happiest life. I can’t even begin to tell you what these things you need to do are or what you should act on first, only you know the answer to that. If you feel pulled in different directions listen to the loudest voice first and see where it takes you. It’s okay for these to change and evolve over time too, there is no wrong path you can take. No matter what happens all of these things contribute to your life experience. I bet in five years’ time you’ll be in a better place, you will be able to look back and pick out some really important points of your path that at the time you didn’t realise were going to be so crucial to where you’re going to end up.

Starting to live your life for yourself may not come without casualties. You might find you grow apart from some people because as you follow this path of growth you two aren’t on the same page anymore. This is also okay, things, people and our circumstances change over time. You may feel a bit lost for a while but keep doing the things you love, the things you know you need to be doing and you will find your place in the world, the one you are meant to fill. There’s one thing I can do for you today and that’s to give you permission. Not that I feel I have to, or that you need it but it may compel you to start taking action. You have permission to live life how you want to.

Have you had a bit of a metamorphosis after surgery? As your body change did you find lots of things inside changed or became more apparent to you than ever? Comment below and let me know the thing that took you most by surprise.

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  1. B at 6:46 pm

    I really needed this right now. I’m 7 weeks out, and going through so many changes already, and wanting to be the real me, rediscovering who I am. Not letting things hold me back. It brought a tear to my eye. Some of the truths that I’m realizing are hard and difficult but they are the inner voice that I need to follow. This is just what I need to hear x

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 6:48 pm

      Awww I’m so glad this came at the right time for you B! It can be a lot to get your head around, don’t be hard on yourself, take your time and follow that inner voice xxx

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