Five reasons I enjoy summer so much more now!

Five reasons I enjoy summer so much more now!

I used to really dislike summer. I always struggled through it and would get annoyed with everyone going on about how much they love it. One of the things that’s really surprised me post gastric bypass surgery is how much I actually look forward to and enjoy summer now. Since we’ve just gone into Summer down here in New Zealand I thought I’d let you know what I’m excited about.

I finally start to thaw out a bit.

I’ve had two summers after my surgery so far and I was at or around my goal weight both times. I used to hate summer because it was too hot all the time. My last two summers I’ve been a bit hot a few days of the year but I don’t feel permanently overheated like I used to. I especially notice this at night, I cool down so much quicker and easier at night-time now. Summer brings me to a good, happy body temperature. Not usually too hot and it’s nice not be freezing all the time for a few months.

Salads are so much more enjoyable.

I’ve always liked salad and will eat it year round but I love how in summer it’s crisp and refreshing. There’s nothing that sucks more than bringing out a salad for lunch in winter when you just want something nice and warm. Salad is one of the absolute staples of my diet since having my gastric bypass and I eat it on a daily basis in summer! Also related to this is beetroot, I freaking love beetroot and it’s the food item I’m currently obsessed with. Every salad at the moment has beetroot added.

Going to the beach.

I used to not enjoy the beach in the slightest for so many reasons. Now though I feel so much more comfortable there. Don’t get me wrong the sand still annoys me no end and the salt water still makes me itchy but chilling at the beach on a towel with my family is awesome. There are so many thing that play into this but it’s so nice to finally enjoy being in that kind of environment and not feeling like I have to go because everyone else wants to.

Wearing skirts and dresses without getting a rash.

I love skirts and dresses so much. I have always loved them but when I was bigger wearing them always came with a trade-off, my thighs would rub together and I would get a rash if I had done lots of walking. Even though my legs still touch, no thigh gap here thanks saggy skin, I don’t get the rash like I used to. I can wear a dress all day, be as active as I like and no ill effects.

The natural increase in activity it brings.

I used to hate summer because it meant sitting outside more in social situations and of course with the weather being nicer and doing more outside, more moving about and general activity tends to happen. Now I love sitting outside in the good weather (Don’t forget your sunblock kids!) and love that it often leads to a walk or running around with my little guy. I can very easily keep up now and really enjoy so love the opportunity for activity the sun brings with it.

Do you enjoy one season much more now than you did before? Comment below and let me know, I’d love to know if things like this have changed for you too.

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