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I had heard about GAINZ which is located down on the waterfront in central Auckland and had been meaning to go there. Then a Bloggers Brunch Club was organised there and I had to go! GAINZ is a really great place for post bariatric patients and I’ll tell you why.

Their menu is great with heaps of options that are suitable for a bariatric tummy and they have so much detail on their menu. Each dish has a nutritional breakdown next to it showing you the protein, carbs, fat and total calories in that meal. They also have protein shakes on their drinks menu and use the Balance 100% Whey Protein in them that I’ve reviewed here. I had a mocha this visit and the coffee was really nice.

They other great feature of their menu is they have little graphics next to every dish noting things such as Low Fat, High Protein, Low Carb and High Energy so it really makes it easy to be fully aware and informed of what you’re eating. When you need to make sure what you’re eating is suitable things like this make it so much easier to eat out.

GAINZ Eatery - Grow and Inspire NZ

One of my go to dishes when I’m out is eggs benedict. I can easily avoid the carbs on the plate and just stick to the bacon and eggs. While the hollandaise sauce is probably not the best in terms of calorie content I do usually need some kind of sauce to make sure things go down well. In most other places I can only eat about half of the portion I’m given if I’m lucky.

The portion at GAINZ was a really nice size. There was a sweet potato rosti on the bottom and it was nice and light. I usually can’t eat many carbs before I start feeling really full but I had a few bites of this and it didn’t make me feel really full. It came with two pieces of bacon and two eggs and had a good amount of hollandaise on top. I ordered a normal portion and wasn’t overwhelmed with the amount that came out. I took it slow and managed to eat about 75% of what came out which, for me, is a really good effort. It was really well cooked and I would definitely consider ordering it again next time I’m there.

GAINZ Eatery - Grow and Inspire NZ

If you’re in central Auckland and need to stop to eat or even if you just want to grab a drink then I definitely recommend you stop at GAINZ. I really like seeing places like this that make it easier for people like us bariatrics that have more to think about in terms of what we eat when we go out. The staff were lovely and the service was great so I have nothing to whinge about!

Have you visited GAINZ on Princes Wharf in Auckland yet? If not have I just added a must see place to your list? Comment below and let me know what’s your fave thing from GAINZ.

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