Green Meadows Beef’s Convenimince Review

For the last couple of years I have steadily become an absolute convert to Green Meadows Beef. I first came across their products in Farro Fresh stores and I have to say once you go Green Meadows there’s no going back. Also, in general, I tend to buy as much as I possibly can online so the fact I can order top quality, really reasonably priced beef online and have it delivered to my door just makes it such an easy choice.

I can’t remember if I first heard about Convenimince in an email from Green Meadows or if it was on one of their social channels. I wanted to try it ASAP and I finally had it right in front of me at The Food Show in Auckland in July. I got a pack and was that excited about it that we had it for dinner that night.

Convenimince is prime NZ Angus beef that’s been mixed with sauteed onion, red capsicum, garlic and ‘a hint of magic.’ Green Meadows suggest it’s a great ready to go mince for burgers and meatballs and also as a base to italian and mexican cooking. I like simple food best so I made burgers for dinner! I made classic burgers for my husband and kid and I made myself a bariatric burger which is the pattie, cheese and salad piled on top. The photo below is how mine turned out.

Bariatric Burger

I measured out a 100g portion for myself and that would have given me approximately 24.1 grams of protein. All I did was shape it into a pattie shape and cooked it, I didn’t feel the need to add anything, not even egg and breadcrumbs to the mix. Considering I added nothing to it all of the patties, I made three different sizes, they all held together really well and in future I wouldn’t add anything because it really wasn’t necessary.

I can see myself reaching for this in summer when we’re heading to a BBQ and I want to make it look like I prepped something in advance but haven’t had time to. I love making rissoles for BBQs because they are a great size and you can change up the flavours as you wish. With this though I could grab a pack, shape the mince into rissoles and look like I’ve spent time getting something ready! I’m really keen to try it as a base in my spag bol and taco/nacho recipes because I think it will add a nice depth of flavour that wasn’t there before.

Since having my bypass I have become very picky about the meat I buy. Because I have to chew everything to death I don’t like finding gross bits in my food that I have to spit out. Green Meadows Beef is the only beef that I don’t need to do this with. I sound like a bit of a princess but I refuse to buy any other beef, mince especially, now that I’ve been spoilt by the quality that Green Meadows consistently produce.

If you want to get in on the goodness for yourself you can check out Green Meadows Beef’s website here. Their customer service is second to none as well so I have complete faith they will look after you properly. Let me know if you have or are planning on trying out Convenimince. Does this look like something that would be a great option to have on had to be able to make great tasting, awesomely bariatric appropriate food? Convenimince is already a firm faveourite in my house!

Please Note: It might seem like I was paid for this review but I paid for the product myself and have written this review of my own accord. I love sharing the things that I enjoy and make my life easier with you and as you can see I get a bit excited at times!

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