IsoCream Premium Protein Ice Cream Review

I am constantly on the lookout for new products that are high in protein. I focus on my protein intake as I should but some days it’s hard to meet my goals and I rely on protein enriched foods to get myself over the line.

I first spied IsoCream Protein Icecream on Instagram. It was being released soon and I kept a look out for it. I ended up getting some from New World and a 500ml tub of the vanilla flavour was $12.00. An early conclusion was that it’s certainly not cheap. It is gluten free so if gluten is a concern for you this could be a good option.

This one exceeded my expectations in terms of taste. The packaging said there was two serves of ice cream in the tub so I proceeded to try and eat half to see if it was plalateable enough to do so. The serving size is 150 grams and I managed to eat about half the tub at once.

The nutritional breakdown per 100 grams is:

Protein 13.4g

Energy kj: 425 cal:101 (approx)

Fat 2.2g

Sugar less than 1g

IsoCream Premium Protein Ice Cream Nutrition Panel

Nutritionally it stacks up pretty well but realistically if I was to eat half the tub that would constitute a whole meal for me and I wouldn’t be having this as an after dinner snack on a regular basis. It’s a good option to bump up your protein at the end of the day but not something that should become a habit.

IsoCream Vanilla Protein Ice Cream actually doesn’t taste too bad. I did manage to eat half the tub at once and it didn’t make me feel a bit yuck like normal ice cream does after a few spoons now. It was nice tasting but a bit boring to be totally honest but I think with vanilla it’s a hard ice cream flavour to get terribly excited about. I would be keen to try another flavour because there could be a big difference.

I’m not sure I will be buying this again though, the cost, even for a protein product, is really high and the flavour is not that amazing. Have you tried this protein ice cream? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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