One Month Out from Gastric Bypass Surgery

Here’s the third post in my little post-op series of posts. This one was written by me on the one month anniversary of my gastric bypass (05/03/2014). This one is actually quite long and detailed, enjoy!

Today is my one month anniversary of my Gastric Bypass surgery! What a month it has been. I can’t believe I feel so well and different already with what weight I have lost. I went for my first proper intentional walk last week and it was so much easier. It got my heart rate up and I got a little out of breath but I wasn’t heaving for air like I used to be after exercise. My clothes that I was wearing on surgery day are already getting baggy and I’m fitting into things I haven’t fit for a few years at least.

Everything has gone really smoothly after surgery and I’m getting in all of my protein and fluid each day. I started on the purée diet last week and everything I have tried so far I have tolerated. I’ve had yoghurt, eggs – scrambled and poached, milk with a tiny bit of cereal, crackers with salmon or tuna on them, puréed beef and chicken. Some meals I have lost interest in half way through and abandoned. I haven’t felt hungry since the surgery and I’ve almost completely lost all interest in food. Only once have I thought I would like to eat something I shouldn’t but then I took a step back and thought no I actually don’t want it at all.

I’m so glad I don’t have to crush my medications anymore. It almost seemed like torture having to get the bitter crushed pill in everyday. I have another week of purée and then I can go onto soft foods! I am looking forward to this stage. It will be nice to be able to add a bit more variety into my diet.

I’m surprised at how easy this part has been mentally too. I was expecting to be all over the place and I have had a couple of hard, down days but on the whole I’ve felt pretty normal. I think the 10 month build up from bringing this up as a possibility to it actually were very good to mentally prepare myself for it. I’m sure I’m going to have rough periods but for now it’s all looking good.

I am sooooooo incredibly glad I went through with this surgery. I really think it’s the turning point I needed to make the major changes I needed to make to be able to live a (hopefully) longer and healthier life. The first week or so after surgery wasn’t fun but now even a month out most of that is forgotten already.

To date I have lost 24.5 kg or 54 pounds.

15 kg or 33 pounds of this was prior to surgery.

9.5 kg or 21 pounds in 4 weeks since surgery.

With today’s weight my BMI dropped under 40!

I am heading towards a huge goal of getting under 100 kgs which I guess is like getting to Onederland for those who go by pounds. I really want to do it by the time of our friends wedding at the end of April which I think is very achievable since I have less than 8 kg to go to reach that goal. My weight loss is getting quite noticeable now and it’s great hearing from others that I look good.

Happy one month to me! We can all cheers with a protein shake. *cheers*

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    • Melissa Peaks Author at 12:24 pm

      I’m so glad I wrote it at the time. I have little recollection of what I was thinking and feeling then and it’s cool looking back on it. I had no idea then how much things would change and how far I would come. I wouldn’t have believe you if you had told me then.

  1. Ange at 9:59 pm

    Wow I’m enjoying these 4 diary posts from your earlier days. Your just so amazing ☺ what I have noticed is you were on a liquid diet for 2 wks then puree, my plans a little different it is 2wks puree pretty much from day 2 then 2weeks soft … wonder why they are different??

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 10:14 pm

      I’m glad you’re enjoying them Ange! Thank you, I’m just me doing me and trying to help others on a similar path. It seems each surgical team give slightly different recommendations. I know my surgeon recommends different approaches if you go to him in the private system over the public system. As well as that I think as time goes on, don’t forget my surgery was 2.5 years ago now, things are bound to change and it would be strange for them not to change what they recommend. Trust in your team, they will have taken your case into account when they made their recommendations for you. This is why I try not to give really specific, directive advice here because it’s not my place as a patient and they all do it so differently.

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