Pregnancy after bypass: Week 39 pregnancy diary

Pregnancy after bypass: Week 39 pregnancy diary

What a week to be 39 weeks pregnant. My week started on Christmas eve, I had family things going on Christmas and Boxing Day and my c-section was scheduled for the 27th of December! This week the baby is the size of, wait for it …….. a watermelon (a small one but seriously). I certainly feel like there’s a watermelon in there!

On Christmas Eve I refused to leave the house because being 39 weeks pregnant and dealing with Christmas Eve traffic, shoppers and whatever else did not sound like fun. My parents had arrived for Christmas the day before so I spent the day prepping as much as I could for Christmas Day and doing the last bits I needed to do for the baby’s arrival. We moved the bassinet into our room, put the buggy into the car and got all those last little bits sorted. We’re fully ready for this baby now!

I had an awful sleep on Christmas Eve, I went to bed late and was only asleep for a few hours until I woke up. This was about 2.15am and I just could not get to sleep. I ended up getting up and reading a book, scrolling through social media, and then trying to go back to sleep. I was absolutely wide awake and ended up getting up at 4.15am to have a shower. After that I managed to go back to bed for an hour and I kind of napped but didn’t get back to sleep properly. I think I was just excited about Christmas and seeing our little guy’s reaction in the morning!

We had a lovely day on Christmas Day, even on barely four hours sleep! We woke our little guy up at 6.15am, he’s usually up before then but of course because we were keen for him to get up he slept longer than he usually would. Santa had visited and the excitement began! He was super spoilt and was really stoked with his haul. I’m glad the baby didn’t crash Christmas Day and we were able to make the most of it for our little guy.

We had my parents and grandmother over for Christmas lunch and since I still could, I cooked the whole thing myself. I wanted to keep things as normal as possible for our son before his little sister arrived. We had heaps more family over in the afternoon to catch-up and share dessert with them and it was nice to spend the day at home.

On Boxing Day I had to get up early and get my bloods done for my c-section. I had to get them done within 72 hours of my c-section and because I’m O- blood type I had to give them the form for the Anti-D which I may need if this baby turns out to have a positive blood group. We spent the rest of Boxing Day with my husband’s family. We had a really lovely day and the kids had such a great time together. We went home much earlier in the evening than we usually would have because we had to be on the maternity ward the next day at 6.30 am for my scheduled c-section!

My last few days of being pregnant were busy but lovely, we had a seriously great Christmas this year and spent heaps of time with our family. I only got to 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant so I’ll leave this one here! I’m so proud of the fact I managed to write about every week of my pregnancy and post them all here. My pregnancy post weight loss surgery was very different to the one I had before surgery and I’m going to write a reflection post to compare soon!

How far along? 39 weeks, what will officially be the final week of my pregnancy.

How big is the peanut? The size of a freaking watermelon.

Total weight gain/loss? I went up over a kilo this week but just off the back of Christmas and Boxing Day I’m not surprised.

Maternity clothes? Dresses are the only thing I can tolerate wearing.

Sleep? Has been very hit and miss this week.

Best moment this week? Christmas morning with our little guy!

Symptoms? Totally. Over. It.

Labor signs? Absolutely none!

What I miss? Wine and lots of Christmas food was off my list L.

What I’m looking forward to? The birth of our baby!

Milestones? Getting basically to the end of a full term pregnancy.

Bump? Is massive to me but everyone else thinks it’s quite small for me being this pregnant.

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