The Color Run Auckland 2016!

This morning (Sunday 20th March 2016) I did The Color Run in Auckland! I have to apologise if you follow my Instagram or Facebook page because I posted so many photos but it was such an easily shareable thing for social media that I went crazy. I had seen things online about The Color Run in the past and thought it looked pretty cool and I got a media pass this year so I was stoked to finally be doing one!


To begin with I was crisp, clean and quite white!

The Color Run had a great atmosphere and there was always something to look forward to! The colour zones were so much fun and a highlight was watching the kids have a great time. I think I might bring my little guy with me next year. One of the colour zones took me by surprise when the colour was mixed with water and I got soaked. Luckily it was my favourite colour and early on enough that by the time I got to the end I was dry.


After being sprayed with purple water!

The Color Run is a nice easy 5K and this one was held in Albany in Auckland where the course was fairly flat. There were a few little hilly bits but nothing I couldn’t run up. I found The Color Run went by really fast! I wasn’t in any particular hurry and took my time around the colour zones stopping to take photos but I still got around it pretty quickly.There was also a bubble machine along the route and a ‘Snow” zone which was a huge foam machine right near the end! I got through the snow and there was the finish line. I ran through and was given my colour packets and medal. I love runs where I get a medal. I have two now so I think I can officially call it a collection.


After the green zone, getting colourful now!




My finishers medal!

Even though I had finished there was still the big finale to come. At the stage the MC was doing a great job of keeping the crowd entertained, moving and excited and it wasn’t long until there was a color throwing ceremony. If I thought I was covered in color before that I hadn’t seen anything yet. There was a shine colour packet and they were gold or silver fine powder and after everyone had thrown their packets in the air for as far as I could see everything was sparkly which was lovely.

The Colour Run Auckland 2016

I really enjoyed The Color Run and will be back next year! Did you do it too? I’d love to know what your favorite bit was!

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  1. Sophie at 8:46 am

    Well done Melissa! I love your tutu as well. I’m really not a big runner at all but the Colour Run always tempts me. I’m going to have to do it next year.

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 9:01 am

      Thanks Sophie! You don’t need to be a runner at all. Lots of people walked the whole way around and there was plenty of time so they didn’t have to rush. If I take my little guy with me next year I will be walking it! See you there next year.

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