Clean Paleo Mochaccino Protein Powder Review

One thing I was really looking out for at The Food Show was new protein powders that I hadn’t tried before. One that was there and on a great show special was Clean Paleo’s range of egg white protein powders. Clean Paleo protein powders were ones that I had always seen around but hadn’t yet taken the leap to try. Since the 600g bags were on special for $40 I purchased a bag of the Mochaccino flavour to try out.

One of the things I’ve always noticed about the Clean Paleo range is the real difference in flavours they have compared to other brands. While they do the stock standard chocolate and vanilla like almost every other brands they also have interesting ones like Mochaccino and Island Mango. Because I had to drink so much chocolate and vanilla Optifast in the beginning stages of my gastric bypass process I tend to stay away from those flavours now.

I have tried other egg white protein powders and while I tend to vary between egg white protein and whey protein I prefer the egg white protein as it feels like a much more natural, closer to it’s original state way of getting my protein in. I sampled the light chocolate flavour at The Food Show and it was pretty good!

I really like the packaging of the Clean Paleo products. It’s clean and simple and has all of the information you need to know and more on it. The nutritional panel is a good size and is easy to read. I love that the bag is resealable too because it’s essential that you can correctly store the product once you have opened it.


Onto the Mochaccino flavour. If you follow my Instagram account you will know that I have a serious love affair with coffee. Let’s face it if I could bathe in it on a regular basis I probably would. I was excited to try this because I tend to like coffee flavoured protein powders moreso than others. In the case of Clean Paleo’s Mochaccino flavour if I use a whole 30 gram serving it’s just way too much on the coffee flavour. Unless you were into seriously strong coffee, I’m not sure it would be tolerable.

I had been making a shake with a 150g Symbio Vanilla yougurt and about 75mls of Calci-trim milk. I think that ratio of liquid to powder should be okay so to minimise the overpowering coffee flavour I went and got a Native Vanilla Clean Paleo egg white protein powder from Naturally Organic. I’ve been mixing 15 grams of the Mochaccino and 15 grams of the Native Vanilla powders together so that I get a whole serving of protein and I get the coffee taste but it’s not too much. The flavour of the shake with the two mixed together is really nice!

In one 30 gram serve of Clean Paleo Egg White Protein Powder you get approximately 14 grams of protein, it does vary slightly between flavours. The levels of fat and sugar are really low and per serve there are 9 grams of carbs. The shake I make with one serving of protein powder, a yogurt and 75 mls of milk gets me approximately 24 grams of protein which is awesome.

The only downside to egg white protein powders is that I don’t find they mix well in a shaker and to get it smooth I have to mix it with a stick bender. This makes it slightly more labourious to prepare but since I can’t stand lumpy shakes it’s not going to put me off using it. The normal retail price for a 600g pack of Clean Paleo protein powder is around $58 which , in my opinion, is quite well priced for an egg white protein powder.

I like switching up my protein powders regularly and Clean Paleo’s range is going to be joining my regular rotation. I tend to get flavour fatigue if I keep using the same one so it’s great to have more options that I enjoy using. If you’re a fan of egg white protein then you need to give these ones a go, I’d give them a solid 5/5!

Have you tried any of the Clean Paleo range of protein powders? What did you think, are you a fan?

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