Pre-Op worries: Randomly being sick

Making the decision to have bariatric surgery was one of the biggest decisions I have ever made in my life. While you know it can have an immensely positive influence on your life, for the rest of your life there is also a massive degree of walking willingly into the absolute unknown. I’ve decided to start a series on my blog looking into the things I considered potential cons for me before surgery and how they’ve turned out for me a couple of years post-op.

One of the things that I read and was told about before my surgery was that there was the potential after my surgery that I would randomly be sick. If you know me or are anything like me you will wholeheardly agree that throwing up is one of the grossest most annoying things ever. Also being sick in public is super embarassing and prior to surgery I had only managed that twice in my life, that’s a story for another day though (alcohol may or may not have been involved on one of these occasions!)

Being aware of this made me very, very careful in the early days. I knew that this random spewing could be brought on by eating too much or eating the wrong things and it was really good in terms of making me make sure I monitored my intake accordingly. I was really cautious of my new tiny tummy and didn’t want to damage it. Especially in the early days throwing up is not the best action for your healing tummy to be doing.

I’m really pleased to be able to report that I wasn’t sick at all in my first year after surgery. Being totally honest though I think if I had pushed it at all I would have been. Since the year mark I have started to push things a bit more and while I’m still really careful about my portion sizes I do let myself eat the wrong things occassionally and that’s often when things don’t work out so well for me.

Sometimes I am sick after eating the wrong things but usually I know what’s coming in terms of pain and discomfort and I make myself sick to end things quicker. I am in no way using myself as an example of what to when you’ve eaten the wrong thing but in the interests of being totally honest about my experience here it is.

I am quite pleased though that I haven’t had any random throwing up episodes since my gastric bypass surgery. It really was one of my biggest fears and for me at least this part has turned out well. I also think that the outcome could have been quite different for me if I had had any complications. I have had a very good run through and so far things have gone really well for me.

Since this is the start of my pre-op worries series I’d like to ask if you have any concerns about potential side effects while making the decision to have bariatric surgery? What things played on your mind and you viewed as potential cons to having it done?

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