Melissa Does: A Spin Class

One thing I have never done but always been interested in doing is a spin class. They seem to be something that people love and get addicted to so I thought I’d give one a go. I had no qualms that I would be capable of doing it as I know my body is capable of so much and I’m reasonably fit at the moment.

I had looked at the group fitness class timetable and had remembered the spin class was on at 6.30am. The night before I was packing my gym bag and checked, just as well I did because the class was on at 6am. Not terribly impressed at the hour I would have to get up but still not completely put off I set my alarm a bit earlier.

I got to the class and the instrutor had a really good rapport with the regulars and they all seemed to know each other which was nice. The instructor introduced himself to me and came and helped me set up the bike properly and gave me a bit of an intro about what to expect. This was a really nice touch but it also made me realise just how little I knew about what was coming!

The class started and we did some warmups and I used this as a time to familiarise myself with the bike and play with the tension settings to see what I was okay with doing for a period of time. The basics of what to expect in a spin class is basically just to get on the bike and pedal, funnily enough.

I hadn’t done this much straight cardio in a while so my heart rate quickly got up into the cardio zone and stayed there while we were doing the bulk of the class. Most of my workouts lately have been what I’ve been doing through Daily Burn and most of them are HIIT workouts so while my cardio has been challenged it hasn’t been solely cardio. I used to enjoy a huge hit of cardio but now I’m not so sure.

The class was a mix of pretending we were going up big gigantic hills and sprints where we would pedal as fast as possible in an interval fashion. The instructor talked us through and told us what to do the whole time and I have to say I wasn’t a fan. I’ve been thinking about why this bothered me and I have a couple of thoughts as to why.

I didn’t particularly like being yelled at for the majority of the class. I get he was being motivating and all that stuff but I think it’s just not my jam. I’m motivated enough within myself to know when to push, keep pushing and when I need to bring it back so having someone yelling to keep pushing etc just annoyed me. I also think this shows I have issues taking direction but that’s not something I’m going to analyze here, haha!

I think you might have got the idea already that spin class, while it got my heart rate up and got me sweating it wasn’t my kinda thing. If you enjoy cardio, feel like you need to be pushed to reach your limits and like group exercise settings then I very well think spin class would be the kind of thing you would enjoy. The fact it took a couple of days after to be able to sit comfortably is another whole whinge. let’s just say I was very glad that I have a standing desk and could stand up when sitting got a bit much throughout the day.

The YMCA on the North Shore offer a great range of group fitness classes and I’m looking forward to trying more that they have to offer. I think the kickboxing looks a bit more me. Have you done a spin class before? Did you get addicted or was it not your thing? Comment below and let me know!

Please note: I have been given a three month membership to YMCA Auckland. My opinions are still my own and are in no way influenced by this.

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  1. Nerida at 7:55 pm

    Totally addicted to RPM (Les Mills classes). Love the adrenaline high after ending the class on a great sprint buf totally get its not for everyone.

  2. Emma at 8:06 pm

    Used to love spin but yes like you I hated the YELLING. I went to a clas that had a gorgeous lady called Jane. Kick boxing is far more my thing LOVE doing it with a partner and trainer. Far more intensive and motivating that a class.

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 8:11 pm

      Maybe it’s because I’m yelled at by a small child frequently that I can’t stand it! Kickboxing is awesome huh, I love that it’s an acceptable way to get my rage out!

  3. Caffeinated Weka at 8:51 am

    I did a 20 minute spin ‘taster’ class back in my gymming days. I was fitter than I had been in years but the full on cardio and nonstop yelling nearly killed me. So much for going at my own pace! Like you, I think people either love or hate spin class. I know which camp I’m in.

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 6:00 pm

      I think it’s something you really need to try out to see if you like it or not. I had a couple of people say you need to do a few to get into the groove of it but I wasn’t keen.

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