Honest Food Co Primal Protein Mix Review

As you can probably tell from how often I have posted about their products I love Honest Food Co and basically anything they produce. I have reviewed Honest Food Co’s protein powder and protein bars here but today I want to introduce you to their Primal Protein Mix.

Primal Protein Mix is a gluten free paleo cereal that is loaded with protein. It’s made up of protein powder, almonds, goji berries, coconut, LSA, chia seeds and a few more bits and pieces. The recommended serving size on the back of the pack is 30 grams but I use 50 grams per serving since I’m wanting to get a decent hit of protein.

I mix Primal Protein Mix into a Symbio vanilla yoghurt and combined together it is really good. Once it’s mixed it doesn’t look terribly pretty but it more than makes up for it in taste. It’s quite interesting to eat because you have the crunchy nuts, soft and chewy goji berries and the differing textures of the other ingredients. As well as being gluten free this cereal is also dairy free so great if you have issues with dairy products (although this would negate my suggestion of mixing it with yoghurt, maybe coconut yogurt would work?).

Honest Food Co also suggest using this as a bliss ball mix and to turn it into bliss balls you just need to mix in coconut oil and some nut butter to get the desired consistency for bilss balls. The instructions are on the back of the pack. A 50 gram serve of Primal Protein Mix has 13.1 grams of protein. Then, if you add it to yoghurt like I do you get another 6 grams of protein from the yogurt. This gives you almost 20 grams of protein which is usually what I aim for my lunch to be.

The thing I love about Primal Protein Mix is that if I’m a bit disorganised or haven’t got anything sorted for lunch it’s something that I always have on hand that’s easy to grab. I always have a stash of yoghurts in the fridge and a pack of this in my pantry and its my little backup lunch. I have on occasion had it for dinner too. Since I have such specific dietary requirements after my surgery I like to be prepared for anything and this is one of the ways I make sure I am. In terms of a out of five star rating I give Honest Food Co Primal Protein Mix 5/5 stars!

I have introduced a few of my friends to Primal Protein Mix and they have loved it too! Honest Food Co has recently started up an affiliate programme for people like me who refer people to their products. If you buy Honest Food Co products online you can use my affiliate link here and I will get a small percentage of your purchase. I have introduced so many people to Honest Food Co and love it so much myself that I’m really excited to finally be able to be recognised as a brand affiliate!

Have you tried Honest Food Co’s Primal Protein Mix? What did you think, has it turned into a pantry staple for you as it has for me? Comment below and let me know what your favourite Honest Food Co product is!

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  1. Nerida at 6:52 pm

    Thanks to you I am a lover of the Honest Food Company products and tried this one earlier this year. I throw it into my breakfast smoothie (made with Honest Food Co chocolate protein powder and your recipe) and love the extra crunch and interest it gives. You’re a great ambassador.

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