Skechers Go Flex Review

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch event for these Skechers Go Flex shoes and be given a pair to take home! I’ve had them for about six weeks now and have well and truly put them through their paces.

At the event we were taken to an aerial fitness class which was designed to let us see how the shoes moved with us. They performed really well at that event with us getting in all sorts of poses in every which way and since then I have walked, run and done aerobic exercise classes in them.

These shoes are like nothing I’ve seen before and the soles of them actually bend and flex with your foot. The soles have flex grooves which are kind of like lego block type pieces that separate and move about as you do. There’s a layer in the bottom of the insole which is made from Goga Mat material and oh my gosh it’s so soft and comfy. The Goga Mat material is a bit special and you don’t have to wear socks with this lining because it’s breathable and is designed to work well on its own.

The outer of the shoe is really soft and comfortable on my feet. Skechers call it a supersock and it really doesn’t feel like anything more than wearing socks. To support your foot inside the shoe there’s a Flex Cradle feature which supports your foot while the shoe is moving with you.

These shoes are comfortable for every kind of exercise I’ve attempted in them. Running in them was a bit weird the first time because it seemed a bit bouncy but the second time I was used to it and I really noticed the reduced jarring impact on my joints as I ran. When I do my Daily Burn workouts they make it much nicer jumping around on the hard floor in my house.

Skechers Go Flex come in slip on and lace up styles. As the seasons change there will be new colour combinations released too. The slip ons are priced around $139 and the lace ups are priced around $159. I haven’t had a pair of Skechers before and I was thinking about buying some just before I was invited to this event so I was stoked to be invited along. The Skechers Go Flex have been a great introduction to the Skechers range and I would recommend them as they are just so comfy and come in great colour combinations.

In terms of a out of five rating I would give the Skechers Go Flex a 4/5. They are really lightweight, comfortable, have heaps of nice added features and come in a great range of colours. They are good for a range of exercise and have been a really good introduction to the Skechers range for me.

Have you owned a pair of Skechers before? Everything I had heard about them is that they are super comfy. Or if you’re curious and thinking about getting some let me know in the comments which ones you have your eye on!

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