Single Egg Omelette Recipe

Isn’t it funny how the universe works, I was sitting at my desk at work the other day and it was raining outside and I really wanted something warm for lunch. Over summer I’ve been having things that are cold or leftovers I don’t mind cold so I started trying to think of nice warm lunch ideas. Then a couple of days later I was shopping with my grandmother and I spotted this Sistema single egg cooker and a great idea hit me in the face. I could make omelettes for lunch in the microwave at work!

Here’s how I’ve been making them:

1 Egg  Broken into the egg cooker and slightly beaten with a fork

50ml of Calcitrim Milk

50g of Chopped Lean Ham

A tiny sprinkle of cheese (I use Edam)


I put the egg in first, pour the milk in and stir it up a bit and then drop the ham and cheese on top. The egg cookers direction suggest putting it in for 40 seconds, stirring and then putting it back in for a further minute. My microwave is pathetic and I have to cook it for almost twice as long. I haven’t tried it at work yet but my only advice here is if you’re unsure of your microwave do it in little bits so you don’t overcook it too much.


I have roughly calculated the protein content of this recipe and it’s about 18 grams of protein in total which is a really good amount for a lunch. The amount that this makes is about the limit of my stomach capacity so I am left feeling nicely full after eating this.

I’m glad I stumbled across this little egg cooker. I found it at The Warehouse and it had 50% off so instead of $7 it was only $3.50. It’s a super easy way for me to get a nice, warm and protein packed lunch in and I think this will be on the menu a couple of times a week over winter. Are you finding you’re wanting warm food now that the weather is starting to change? Comment below and let me know what your favourite winter lunch is!

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  1. Caffeinated Weka at 8:38 pm

    What a cute little gadget! I use these same ingredients and quantities (maybe a little less milk) to scramble eggs in a coffee mug. Throw in a teaspoonful of herbs and it’s quick hot lunch. The only part I haven’t worked out yet is how to transport the raw egg to work without a disaster happening in my handbag.

  2. Lizette at 1:45 pm

    I have been doing something similar in one egg frying pan for dinner. I totally want one of those sistema egg cookers so I can make it at work. Thanks for posting Melissa!

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