Bariatric Christmas Gift Guide

It’s the time of year when everyone and their dog are putting out Christmas gift guides to suggest the perfect gift for everyone in your life. I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon but of course do my gift guide with a bariatric twist. Here’s the gift guide you need if you are buying for someone who is coming up to having bariatric surgery or even better if they have already had it.

Miniature cutlery set

One of my friends got me a mini cutlery set just after my gastric bypass and it was so thoughtful and so incredibly useful, I have used it pretty much everyday since. Stevens have a great range of little cutlery. I think my fork is called a fruit fork so it is small but still has sharp prongs to pick stuff up effectively.


A shaker or water bottle

In the pre-op Optifast stage and for the few months after surgery when you are basically existing on protein shakes a shaker (or three) are so handy to have. Also because you need to always have water by your side a good hardy water bottle is a must. Either of these are very practical and useful gifts for the bariatric in your life.

A style makeover

When you start getting towards your goal weight there’s a bit of a process of figuring out your new style. You could go for a style makeover (suitable for men and women) and contact someone like Wardrobe Flair to work with your lucky gift recipient. They offer a great range of services and can do things such as working with you to figure out your colours and go through your wardrobe to see what works well and what needs to go. Wardrobe Flair also offer a personal shopping service which is not as exclusive or expensive as you would think. What could be better than going shopping with a stylist!

A makeup makeover

As I lost more and more weight I got far more interested and into makeup than I ever had been before mainly because I didn’t mind the attention it can get. I love going to beauty counters in places such as Smith and Caughey for the MAC and Benefit counters or Farmers for the Bobbi Brown and such counters to get my makeup done every now and then. The best thing about it is the service usually costs around $80 but it is fully redeemable on product. Not only do you walk away looking amazing but you can get the things you need to recreate your look.

Clothing store vouchers

I don’t think putting a voucher on a Christmas list is probably a recommended thing but it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want! The reason I suggest a clothing voucher is that the lucky recipient may want to wait until goal weight before they go mad stocking up on clothes but also they may be a bit unsure what size they are so could be hard to buy for. Also if they are still figuring out their new style it could be great to couple a voucher with a personal shopping session with the stylist so they have some spending money right away!

I would have been stoked to receive any of these gifts at any point before or after my surgery so I’m sure the lovely bariatric in your life would be stoked to get them too! If you are at any point in your weight loss surgery comment below and let me know what you would pick off this list. Then maybe send a link to your nearest and dearest and cross your fingers for a great present this year!

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