What My Weight Maintenance Looks Like

I think I am probably going to sound a little bit ridiculous here but I may as well embarrass myself here than in public right? When I got to my goal weight and decided where I was happy I think I thought I would get on the scale every morning and my weight would be the same, a perfect picture of weight maintenance.

I have been maintaining my weight now for 10 months and pretty much since I reached my goal weight I haven’t gone back over it. I got down to a few kilos under my goal weight to give myself a bit of a buffer in case of the dreaded ‘regain’ that I have heard about. What I didn’t expect and have been really surprised to observe is that my weight easily ranges between 62-65 kilos all the time now. I think I honestly thought that I would get to the weight I felt most comfortable at and my body would play along nicely and stay static at that point forever, ridiculous huh?

One thing I have realised is that the relationship between what goes in your body and it’s effect on your weight is not a linear and immediate as I thought it was. A fantastic example of this was after last Christmas I weighed myself as I had been having a few extra treats and expected a bit of weight gain and I was less than I weighed a couple of weeks before. Success! I ate a few naughty things and got away with it ….. or so I thought. Two weeks later my weight jumped by a couple of kilos (after I had started sticking to the rules again) and showed me how much of a delayed effect there can be at times.

If my weight fluctuates up a bit and I start being super careful with my diet monitoring every single thing and measuring and weighing food to the nth degree, I expect results in a few days. I usually don’t see the payoff for all of my hard work until a week or two later when I’m just about to give up behaving myself because I think all of my effort isn’t getting me anywhere. The moral of that story is don’t get too carried away doing things you shouldn’t because it will come back and bite you on the bum eventually and that when you do start doing what you should give it a decent amount of time to work how you want it to.

Also when I start exercising I ALWAYS go up in weight for anywhere up to a couple of weeks. I know logically and on an intellectual level that it’s the muscle gain going on which once it reaches a certain point, the muscle will start to burn more fat and my weight will go down but that doesn’t mean I don’t let it drive me crazy. I always fall into the trap of thinking that I’m exercising so weight’s going to drop off like crazy when I know it doesn’t work like that.

I have graphed my weekly (most of the time I have missed a few) weight measurements for you so you can see what my weight maintenance over the last nine months has looked like for me and boy it’s crazy! I am so glad I got down to a few kilos below my goal weight as it has bounced around by a few kilos. I knew it had been all over the place but didn’t realise just how much until I got this graph together. I think this would have been harder to deal with mentally if I wasn’t a little below my goal weight and I was constantly going back over it all the time.

If you’re going through a weight loss journey, bariatrics or not, I suggest you keep track of your weight at intervals so that if you’re a weirdo like me you can look back on it and do fun things like this with the information you collect! Comment below and let me know what your weight maintenance is like and if it’s all over the place too, I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Lena at 7:35 am

    I weigh myself every time I go to the gym and it’s weird how much it can vary! It was up by 700g from Monday last night, but i’m sure i haven’t *actually* gained that much – it seems to be a lot to do with water and whether I’ve been to the toilet or not haha.

  2. Michelle at 7:50 pm

    Yeah, I keep within a 3kg range myself and it goes anywhere between those three. I think it’s pretty normal for most people and more related to water retention, food & muscle more than anything 🙂 Understandable you wanted to get that buffer though! Interesting point too that it takes a week or two to find effect – will have to remember that myself.

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 8:12 pm

      Interestingly I had a conversation with my dietician last week and she said that’s about a normal range. Yep I really thought the cause and effect was for more instantaneous but not according to my body! Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog I appreciate it 😀

      • Michelle at 8:41 pm

        I really looked forward to your posts <3 Even though it's not my journey so far, it's interesting to read about it and see how it effects everything x.

  3. Angela at 8:27 pm

    I am at the losing weight part of my journey (as you know :p) – and only weigh every Friday (before the naughty weekends). I find, my loss happens every 2 weeks it goes down a lot – but the week between will only be a fraction.

    I also know I have to take into account female hormones, water retention, muscle gain, bowel movement (yes I said that). And you do have to let your intellect rule on this one and not let the numbers on the scales going up make you feel like giving up.

    Can’t wait to reach my goal. You certainly are an inspiration.

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 8:32 pm

      It’s funny how we’re all so different! It’s great that you can see the pattern but you’re right it’s such a head game and you can’t let it drive you nuts. You will get there you have done amazingly well so far. Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog I really appreciate it 😀

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