Organisation Success Post Gastric Bypass

Organisation is one of my main keys to post-op bariatric success. I tend to be a very organised and ordered person by nature. This trait has helped me immensely post gastric bypass in terms of creating new healthy habits but also making sure its much easier to keep myself on track. There are a few things I do that help me avoid bad choices.

I am very aware of what my specific dietary needs are and there have been a few times I have almost been caught short if it wasn’t for my prior planning

  1. Pre-prepared meals

I always have a stock of easily re-heatable meals in the freezer at all times. This means if I’m making something for my family I can’t eat I have something already made for me that I just need to heat up. It’s also great if I get caught short for lunches for work because I can grab something and go.

Also because I eat so little there’s almost always something left over when I cook. I also tend to cook things that are appropriate for me in huge batches and then portion it out into the smallest snack size snaploc bag to freeze down. Staying ahead of the game has been so helpful for me and I really recommend you do too!

  1. Stashes of Protein Bars

I always have protein bars in the house, in my drawer at work and in my handbag. So many times I have been out and about, things haven’t gone to plan and there would have been nothing suitable for me to have if it wasn’t for my trusty protein bar. They aren’t something I have all the time because while they are good occasionally I wouldn’t want to rely on them for meals.

I also tend to take them if I’m going somewhere for dinner and I’m not sure if there will be something I can eat. If, for whatever reason, I don’t feel comfortable eating it in front of people I can always eat it in the car on the way home.

  1. Schedule time for exercise

Putting yourself first really needs to be something that happens more frequently after all the time and effort it has taken to go through everything you have travelling this road. Exercise is one of the easiest balls to drop when things get crazy so make it priority and schedule it in. I have a good look at my calendar for the coming week on a Sunday night and figure out when its going to be possible to schedule in some exercise.

  1. Have spares

There are some things post-op that I can’t afford to run out of, EVER. The two main ones are my vitamins and protein powder. My general rule is to stock up with more as soon as I open the last packet. Then I can’t get caught short and not be able to meet my requirements. That way if things are out of stock, shipping takes longer than expected or there’s another hiccup I’m not stuck without the things I need.

Are you an organised person naturally or have you found it a big change to have a bit more of the structure that’s needed to be successful after bariatric surgery? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Michelle at 3:51 pm

    Something I’ve always admired about you is how organised you appear to be. Makes sense that with your requirements, you have to keep on top 🙂

    I’ve got a question about the meals in your freezer. Do you need to have it defrosted before you heat it up? Is heat up via pan or microwave? Do you leave any in the fridge for the following days and if so, how many?

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 5:05 pm

      If i know in advance and have time to defrost them I do but sometimes I do it last minute so just microwave from frozen. I always het them up via microwave as it’s such small amounts there’s no point putting it in a pan. Yes I do sometimes leave them in the fridge if I know I’m going to need them and I’ll leave up to five out but to be honest I’m pretty bored of it after about three days in a row.

      Thanks Michelle it just doesn’t work for me to leave things to chance now, that’s when it becomes easy to make less than perfect choices and that’s a bad habit I don’t want to get into!

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