Weight loss stalls after bariatric surgery

Weight loss stalls after bariatric surgery

One thing that really took me by surprise when I was losing weight after my gastric bypass surgery were weight loss stalls. This is when your weight is not going down for a week or more and it tends to happen to almost everyone at certain intervals after surgery. Most of us FREAK OUT at the thought that that’s it and you aren’t going to lose a gram more. Speaking from experience it’s totally normal and usually doesn’t mean your weight loss has stopped completely.

I think the stall that takes most people by surprise is the two week stall. I hear so often on message boards and in surgery groups that someone has got to week three and their weight loss has slowed down or has even stopped. At this point you are eating so little it seems physically impossible for you to have stopped losing weight already and I know I got really worried when it happened to me. This stall only lasted a week or two but I know for some people it can carry for a few weeks or so.

There are a few other points when people tend to have stalls but it’s such a personal journey and while to a certain extent we have a similar experience it will be different for us all in terms of timing and how long they last for. Just keep in mind that it’s a totally normal and expected part of your journey. There’s one positive that comes out of it though which is that it certainly gets you making sure you are doing everything by the book and double checking your eating to ensure you aren’t causing your weight loss to slow from what you are eating.

Stalls are incredibly frustrating though. When you’re doing everything right and have been reliably losing weight every week for ages it’s really disheartening when it seems to come to a complete standstill. I used to have such big mental battles with myself and hated the feeling that I wasn’t in control of what was happening with my body. The illusion I had of there being a direct relationship between my behaviour with food and how my body should behave in relation to that has been well and truly shattered.

One thing you need to keep in mind when you hit the first stall is that your body has been through a huge trauma with the surgery. You would have lost a decent amount when you were on the Optifast diet and your body is freaking out a bit. There comes points when your body just needs to hold its horses, figure out what’s going on and get back in its groove of losing again. Try not to have any preconceived ideas of what your weekly weight loss is going to look like. Take it as it comes, with no expectations, and the ups and downs in your journey will be easier to take.

I found it really frustrating that I couldn’t predict from week to week how much weight I was going to lose. The weight loss phase really taught me that your body is going to do what it’s going to do and while you need to do your bit and do the right things you need to it’s not going to give you complete control over what happens. Any weight loss journey but especially after bariatric surgery, is very complex and involves many different processes and things than I think we could possibly imagine. You just need to trust the process and not let the stall get you down, it happens to all of us.

When I got stuck in a stall I would stop weighing myself daily and would only weigh weekly. Seeing it hadn’t changed day in and day out did not do my mood any favours so I had to manage that in the best way I could. The point in which you finally break through the stall is fantastic and provided you’re doing what you should and your body still has some to lose, your weight will start moving downwards again.

Did you have any stalls in your weight loss journey? Were you good at justifying them or did you let it torment you to a degree like I did? Comment below and let me know I’d love to see how you’re going.

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  1. Lee at 9:43 am

    I am eight months post gastric bypass and have not experienced any real stalls. My weight has continued to drop fairly consistently although there is a little variation from week to week and it has definitely slowed down in the last couple of months. I have dropped from 108 kilos to 68 kilos and while I am so pleased with this result I am already past the goal I had set myself and starting to worry about how much more I willl lose! People’s comments saying “you should stop now” certainly don’t help! The rational part of me knows that I need to trust my body and keep doing the right things but the other part is a little anxious anyway. How do other people manage this? PS I loved your post on shrinking boobs. Laughed out loud as it was so familiar 🙂

    • Melissa Peaks Author at 12:42 pm

      That’s great that you haven’t had a stall! I know exactly how you feel, I really worried at one point that my weightless was never going to stop but it did and now I’m sitting happily a few kilos above my initial goal weight. Just keep doing the right things and your body will find it’s happy point eventually. If you get seriously worried do go and talk to your team. I’m glad you enjoyed that post! It was one I’d had on my mind for a while but it took a bit of guts to write! Thank you for reading my blog and commenting, you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

      • Lee at 2:38 pm

        Love your blog, it really helps. Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in to it. I have another appointment with the dietician in a few weeks so will have a chat about it. I had surgery at Southern Cross in Wellington and the team are just fantastic.

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