Pregnancy after bypass: Week 33 pregnancy diary

Pregnancy after bypass: Week 33 pregnancy diary

What a week! I have not had such a busy week with fun social engagements in a long time. As a parent getting to go out at night, when it’s dark, is rare and I was out three nights this week! Needless to say I’ve been tired and have found it hard to keep up. Much as I hate to admit it this week has made me realise I actually have to slow down physically now because I just cannot do everything I used to. The baby is the size of a leek this week.

This week started with a coffee out to a cupcake shop with another lovely pregnant lady. We are only a few weeks apart in our pregnancies and are in a Facebook due group together. A couple of the others couldn’t make it but it was still nice to catch up. We had a good chat and it was nice to talk to someone who is at a similar stage and going through a similar journey.

I have a minor cold that developed over the weekend and gosh it couldn’t have come on a better (sarcasm) week. I will be glad to get rid of it before the baby arrives but I have so much to do this week. On Monday I headed off to work and at lunchtime I managed to completely finish my Christmas shopping. I am so glad to have it done and have one less thing to worry about. I like to be organised and at least now if she arrives early it’s done!

On Tuesday I had tickets to the Lorde show at the Powerstation in Auckland. I have been looking forward to this show for ages and to be honest I’m glad it wasn’t much later in my pregnancy. I made sure I dressed sensibly for the show and wore flat shoes. I planned on staying near the back so I didn’t get in anyone’s way and get pushed about but the crowd was really well behaved and I needn’t have worried. I arrived in town at about 8pm, met my cousin and we went for a drink. We arrived when the support act was on and then had to wait until about 9.30pm for Lorde to come onstage.

The show was amazing and I am so glad I went! It didn’t finish until after 11pm and I didn’t get home until about midnight. I was absolutely buzzing when I got home and it took me forever to get to sleep. I had stayed up for a while but even when I went to bed I really struggled. The excitement coupled with my cold and not being able to breathe easily meant even when I got to sleep I didn’t sleep well.

Just as well I had Wednesday off work on annual leave! I knew I would be tired the following day but I don’t think I expected how tired I would be. I ended up having a lot to do on Wednesday, including getting all of the Christmas presents wrapped and taking the cat to the vet and didn’t have a chance to rest or catch up on sleep. I ended up having Thursday off work sick. My husband told me how horrendous I looked on Wednesday night and to be honest it matched how awful I felt.

I also got a call on Wednesday from the hospital with a date for my c-section. They have scheduled it in my 39th week and the day before my birthday. I will be pleased if we make it to that date but it all depends on how her growth goes and what happens between now and then. It’s good to have a date in mind though and I am so glad it hasn’t been scheduled for my birthday.

I had to have an urgent wellness scan for the baby on Thursday. I guess the obstetrician saw my last scan results and how much the baby’s growth had slowed from the scan before and she got my midwife to organise it. Luckily I had booked it quite early and I dropped my little guy at school, went to the scan and came home and went straight to bed. I stayed there, napping, resting and only getting up for food or water until I had to get my little guy from school.

Unsurprisingly, after a day of resting I felt much better and made it to work on Friday. It was our office Christmas party that night and I really didn’t want to miss it. I had a midwife appointment on Friday and I saw another midwife because mine had to reschedule from earlier in the week and couldn’t be in clinic on Friday. Everything was good, my blood pressure, the baby’s heartbeat etc.

My work Christmas party was really good. We went to a bar in Ponsonby and had a great time. We did a pub quiz and the team I was in came second! The bar was able to make me virgin mojitos so I didn’t feel like I was completely missing out. Luckily the party went from 3-7 so I was able to leave at 7pm and get home at a decent time! 7pm is about my limit these days.

Then on Saturday my husband and I had booked into a hotel in town for the night and were planning on going out for dinner too. In the morning I had to get heaps done like my online grocery shopping and other chores but I got it all done and we headed off. We dropped our little guy off to stay with family for the night and we were free!

We checked into the Pullman hotel and then promptly went down to the spa for couples’ massages. The spa at the Pullman is fantastic and it’s the second time we’ve been there for a couples’ massage. I had a special pre-natal massage and the hour flew by. It felt like we had only been in there for 15 minutes when the massages ended. I was so relaxed by the end and felt so good from being covered in coconut oil.

After that we headed up to our room to chill out for a couple of hours before going out for dinner. I got to sit, have a hot chocolate and read my book without being interrupted a million times by the small person. It was bliss and exactly what I needed. We went to Baduzzi in Wynyard Quarter for dinner and the dinner was amazing. I’ve reviewed them on my blog before and this time was no different. The food and service was amazing and it was the best meal I’ve had in a very long time.

We headed back to the hotel after dinner and proceeded to chill out again. It was really nice for us to have some time together before our little girl arrives and life gets thrown into chaos again for a while. I really recommend getting a massage at this point in pregnancy. I’ve been feeling the strain on my body lately and it made all the difference.

How far along? 33 weeks, really not far to go now!

How big is the peanut? About the size of a leek.

Total weight gain/loss? This week I went up a little bit again.

Sleep? Has been hit and miss. Some nights really good, maybe because I’m just so exhausted, and some nights really not great.

Best moment this week? The pre-natal massage. I left feeling so good and relaxed and it just made me wish I could do it every week. It’s not fair to only have one best moment this week, the Lorde show was a huge awesome moment this week too!

Belly button in or out? When I stand up my belly hangs lower than my bump and my belly button looks normal but when I’m sitting down it’s starting to not be as deep as it was.

What I miss? With all the social stuff this week I really missed being able to have a real mojito. The virgin ones are nice but not quite the same.

What I’m looking forward to? Finishing up at work. I only have two weeks left to go now and it’s getting harder to get through the daily grind at this point.

Bump? Managed to kick my husband in the head this week. He was talking to her and laid his head on my tummy and she kicked him in the head a few times, I thought it was hilarious.

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