Pregnancy After Bypass: Week 11 Pregnancy Diary

Pregnancy After Bypass: Week 11 Pregnancy Diary

This week was quiet on the pregnancy front but so busy in other ways. The tiredness came back to bite me on the ass but I’ve been working so much that it shouldn’t really have been a surprise. The baby started this week off the size of a lime and I’m starting to notice my tummy is getting a bit rounder and some of my clothes are starting to get not as comfortable as they were.

This week started off on a Sunday with absolutely no plans. I needed a day of lazing and getting ready for the coming week at my own pace and it was really nice. I had managed to get heaps of blog work done last week so I got heaps of posts edited and scheduled. I like getting heaps done on a Sunday for the coming week, it’s a good feeling when I feel like I have my shit together.

Monday was a big day. My little guy had his first day of primary school. I had taken half a days’ leave so I could drop him off and pick him up but I ended up cancelling it because I had worked so much over the weekend there was no need to take leave. His first day went really well and I didn’t cry but of course I was a little bit more worried and on edge than I would usually have been.

Now that my little guy has started school it brings a change to our routine and I really underestimated how much it would take me to get used to getting up an hour earlier each day. I think that was a big contributor to how tired I’ve felt all week, I’ve been trying to get to bed at a decent time but things have worked against me this week and I need to make more of an effort next week.

There are quite a few things I’m loving about the routine change so overall I think it’s going to be awesome for both of us. I’m doing an hour of work from home in the afternoons and he’s even been leaving me alone and letting me get it done which is awesome. I’m lucky I work in and industry where I can just remote in, if you didn’t already know I work in the software industry as a QA Engineer. The rest of the week was just work, work, work and counting down to the 12 week mark!

I started researching maternity clothes online this week because it’s quickly going to become a necessity but I’m having trouble finding things I like. I’m seriously tempted to just buy some oversized tees and maternity jeans but I’m still not needing it and who knows how long I’ll be in the in-between bit before I need proper maternity clothes and have a big tummy.

How far along? Eleven weeks, the end of the first trimester is in sight.

How big is the peanut? About the size of a lime.

Total weight gain/loss? This week I went up 600g. I need to get a handle on my eating, I’ve been doing whatever I like but I’m gaining quicker than I’d like to.

Maternity clothes? The research has started, I’m not particularly liking anything I’ve found so far though.

Sleep? Was better this week, although not enough.

Symptoms? Tired, tired, tired. I’m also starting to be able to tell there’s something in my belly. I can’t fold myself up like I used to.

What I miss? So much. Food is hard and since I had a hard and busy week at work I really wanted a glass of wine. One day…..

What I’m looking forward to? My 12 week scan next week and making the big announcement at work and on Facebook.

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