The Food Show Auckland 2016!

What a difference arriving at The Food Show on preview day as the doors open makes! The first couple of hours at the show it was quite quiet but by lunchtime it started getting busy! It was still nowhere near as packed as it can get on the weekend though so if you’re like me and don’t do big crowds the weekdays are the days to go.

Every year I find there is something that there’s a ton of and this year that stand out thing that seemed to be around every corner was cereal. Not to worry though there are heaps of other things to see and try. This year one of the things I was hoping to come across was a cricket flour or cricket protein bars. What do you know, luck was on my side. I take to the guys at Crawlers NZ and picked up a few of their protein bars to try.

Exo Cricket Flour Protein Bars

If you have followed me for a while you’ll know I have a protein shake for breakfast every morning and I’m usually trying out some new protein powder that I’ve come across. I get bored with flavours easily so I tend to mix up flavours regularly and try new brands out as I come across them. I’ve not yet tried a Clean Paleo protein powder but they had a great show special on their protein powders so I’ve picked up a Mochaccino flavour one to try. If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I have a great love for coffee so I’m really hoping I’m going to love it.

Clean Paleo Mochaccino Protein Powder

I will be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a princess. I can be really fussy with food, even more so after my gastric bypass, and meat is one of those things that has to be just right. For a while now I’ve been ordering my beef online from Green Meadows Beef and I was excited to see they came out with a new product, Convenimince, recently. I’ve picked up a pack and am really looking forward to trying it. I’m going to make burgers for dinner, I will just have a patty and salad to make it bariatric appropriate, and it will be interesting to see what my husband and son think of it too!

Green Meadows Beef Convenimince

I first heard of Get Real Food when I went to Julie Bhosale’s last workshop and found one of their tomato and BBQ sauces in my goody bag from that event. Since then I have used the BBQ sauce and it’s really yummy. It’s much lower in sugar that normal sauce and it packs heaps of veggies in there too so it’s great if you’re trying to sneak more goodness into your kids food (guilty mum right here!) Julie mentioned they were releasing a healthier version of the good old chicken nugget and when I saw them today I had to pick some up. They are mainly made of chicken and cauliflower and while I got them mainly for my son I don’t think they’re a bad option for my teeny tiny tummy either.

Get Real Food Chicken Smugglers

Keep a look out for reviews of all of these awesome products, I’ll test them out and get the reviews up over the next couple of months. There are bargains a plenty to be had at The Food Show in Auckland this year. It’s a great day out and because we bariatrics eat so little it only takes a few samples to fill us up. Have you visited The Food Show yet this year? What was your favourite find?

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