Getting back on track after the holidays

It’s easy to fall back into some not so great eating patterns over the holiday period when routines are out-of-order and you are surrounded by lots of things you wouldn’t normally be. It’s not always difficult to get yourself back on track so start now, the sooner the better.

If you did eat a few things you shouldn’t have over the holidays admit it and move on. Don’t beat yourself up over it because it’s not going to help and won’t make you feel any better. You can live the rules how you should, you’ve done it before so tell yourself that if you start to feel your resolve slipping. If you need a reminder here’s my 10 Golden Rules Post for you to brush up on.

Getting back on track is not as bad as you think. Imagine how good you feel when you’re at the top of your game and how ready you are to get back there. The first couple of days will be hard but honestly once you are past them you will feel amazing again.

What you actually need to do:

Get your fluids up. I find it much easier to get all of the fluid in that I should each day when I’m at work in a predictable routine. Normally on the weekends I struggle to get the amounts in I should. When I have my water intake up around the 2-3L a day point I know I feel much better and it really contributes towards lessening my interest in food.

Get your diet back on track. It’s easy to let protein as your main focus waiver a bit when you aren’t eating at regular times, being out all the time and going places where other people are organising the food. You know the basic rules protein first, three meals a day, no snacks. Once you’re back in routine this bit is easy.

Get back to your regular exercise routine. This is where I need to completely admit defeat. I haven’t done planned, intentional exercise in over a month. Remember the half marathon I did (how could I forget you say, you posted about it enough, sorry!) I haven’t exercised since then. December was crazy for me, not that I’m making excuses but I started a new job, my husband went away for just over a week and with the Christmas crazy I just couldn’t fit it in. This is what I’m most disappointed in myself about and I am going to get back to my normal routine ASAP. (Note: I went for my first run of the year the day after I wrote this post and it was great!)

If it seems a bit much to change everything at once then start small. Make a few changes each day and focus on each day being better than the last. I think I will go all or nothing and just jump right back on that wagon. I find after 2-3 days I’m settled back into what I should be doing and I feel so much better.

So are you with me? Let’s do this together and make sure we ensure the success we have achieved and deserve. What are you most focussed on getting back on track fluids, food or exercise? Comment below and let me know.

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