Internal self talk and weight loss surgery success

We all have that one constant companion who offers comment, judgment and a highly unedited view on everything we do and see. That little voice inside our own head is always with us and ready to jump in whenever we let it. This little voice can be quite temperamental but one thing we all need to realise is that ultimately we are in control of what it is telling us. Our internal self talk is really important in how we fare through something as life changing as weight loss surgery

This voice can be really, really nice to us but it can also be pretty mean. It’s the first one to praise us when we’ve done something good but conversely it’s always the first one to tear us down when we’re starting to feel a bit vulnerable.

This little voice is one of the hardest things you will battle with through your surgical journey and afterwards it will have a big impact on how well you do. Our own internal dialogue, be it negative or positive, plays a part in us getting to the point of being morbidly obese. How much so would differ immensely between us all but I’m sure for us all that little voice has something to answer to.

Self doubt is something I struggled with throughout the whole process. “You will never lose enough weight to get on the surgical list,” You won’t be able to maintain during the maintenance stage,” “If you have the surgery who even says you will lose weight,” et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

One thing that is important to do pre surgery is get that little voice on your side. Ultimately you do control that voice and you have to power to turn it off if it’s not being your biggest cheerleader. When you are conscious the little voice is having its turn, as it will do every now and then, only let it speak to you in the way you would speak to your best friend.

You would never (well I hope so anyway!) tell your best friend that they are useless and they can’t do what they were aiming for. You would also never tell your best friend that they are ugly and pathetic. Really try to pull that little voice in when they are being mean and think if you would say what the voice is saying out loud to your friend. If what that voice is saying inside you head would never come out of your mouth stop right there.

You can do this, you are strong, you are worthy, you got this. Those are the kinds of things that little voice should be saying. Make that little voice your friend and a voice of encouragement and you will find the mental transition much easier. Also if it’s telling you to do things or that you want things that you know you don’t need then feel free to ignore it.

Does that little voice in your head drive you crazy at times? Let me know what strategies you have in dealing with it in the comments below.

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