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If you follow any of the online American based weight loss surgery forums you will have heard about Quest protein bars. When I found that I could get them in New Zealand from Mighty Ape. I was super excited to be able to try them and see what I thought.

I like to have protein bars on hand for times when things don’t go to plan and I need something quick. I didn’t start having protein bars until about nine months after my surgery because I didn’t want to become reliant on them and make my progression back to real food harder.

The first time I ordered some bars I got a cookies & cream, chocolate chip cookie dough and double chocolate chunk. I wasn’t too keen on the double chocolate chunk it was a bit too sweet for me and made me feel a bit sick but I liked the chocolate chip cookie dough and my favourite was the cookies & cream.

Since then I have tried a few more flavours. The white chocolate raspberry was really nice flavour wise but had tons of little raspberry seeds (at least they use fresh raspberries right?) in it and since I have to chew everything a million times they went all through my teeth so I haven’t gone there again.

I’ve tried lemon cream pie, strawberry cheesecake and the chocolate brownie flavour recently. The lemon one was okay but to be honest I wouldn’t buy again. The strawberry cheesecake was really nice and the chocolate brownie is my new favourite. Mighty Ape have a few more flavours in stock that I’m wanting to try like the apple pie, mint choc chunk and vanilla almond chunk.

In terms of price these are reasonable for a protein bar. When they are on special from Mighty Ape you can get a box of 12 with it averaging out to about $4 per bar. As a snack this wouldn’t be too cheap but since for me one of these is basically a whole meal its not too bad.

The one downside to these protein bars is they are basically trying to get them to look and taste as close to the junk foodish names as they can. In some cases it’s not too bad like the cookies & cream and chocolate brownie. In some of them the ‘chocolate’ chunks aren’t the nicest because the texture if you get a big bit can be quite chalky and while it’s not bad I have to say it’s not a highlight of the bars.

The bars contain about 18-22 grams of protein each and for me that’s about a quarter to a third of my daily protein needs. Most of them don’t have added sugar but they are quite high in salt and have quite a high fat content too. As I said before I try to only have a protein bar around once a week so as a one off its not going to hurt but I wouldn’t want to be developing a daily habit of eating these for many reasons.

Overall as a protein bar they aren’t too bad and I keep going back to them! Let me know in the comments below if you have tried Quest Protein bars what you thought of them and what your favourite flavour is!

*Please note the link to Mighty Ape provided above is an affiliate link and if you were to buy something from using the link I will get a small percentage back. In saying that this post is not sponsored by Mighty Ape and I purchased the products myself.

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  1. Ashleigh at 3:52 pm

    I LOVE Quest bars – they’re at basically every convenience store here in Sydney and it’s dangerous because I will literally eat these instead of actual food. Cookies & cream is the best, and S’mores is also really epic (I love mint choc flavor but it’s not the nicest one of these). Great post!

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