I’m Melissa Peaks and I’m 31 year old living life as a post-op gastric bypass patient in Auckland, New Zealand. I had my surgery on 5 Feb 2014, I’ve done the hard work leading up to surgery, I met my goal weight nine months after surgery and now I am living a whole new lifestyle while I learn how to maintain my body. If you would like a better idea of where I came from to get here have a look at my first blog post here. I have also reposted the article Beauty Review NZ published about my journey and you can see that here

Recently, I had my second baby and I gained 19 kilos (41 pounds) during my pregnancy and now I’m focusing on weight loss again to get myself back down to my pre pregnancy weight. I publish new posts here on Melissa Loses It when I can having a baby around takes away a lot of what was my blogging time) and I look forward to sharing the things I’ve picked up along the way. 

This blog is focussed on life after bariatric surgery and the things that fascinate me about it. My posts cover things such as reviewing suitable products for gastric bypass nutrition requirements, recipes, emotional issues, strategies and behaviours for successful maintenance, exercise and fitness, fashion and beauty and anything else I come across that may help someone by sharing it. I’m looking forward to interacting with and getting to know you so comment on a post or connect with me through any of the social accounts linked at the top of the page!

Since launching my blog in May 2015 I have appeared in Kiwi Living on TV1 and in Woman’s Day Magazine! I wrote a post and there’s a link to my Kiwi Living appearance here.

Here’s a shot of my Woman’s Day article: