Melissa Loses It is a post Gastric Bypass lifestyle blog. I lost 70 kilos through weight loss surgery and I am sharing my mission to maintain this weight loss with my readers. My lifestyle has changed in more ways than I can count since starting this journey and I struggled to find any New Zealand specific information online and hence Melissa Loses It was born. I get great feedback from my readers and my main aim with Melissa Loses It is to help people and their families who are going through a bariatric surgery journey. I also hope that my talking about it so openly and normally that I will help to reduce the social stigma around weight loss surgery.

If you have an opportunity that fits with my brand please get in touch with me via

I am happy to work with PR companies and brands directly so hit me up! I’ve listed a few specific things I do below.

Product Reviews

I review products on my blog that are appropriate for my readership. This is especially true of food or nutrition products. Most of my reviews are of things I have come across myself and want to share but I am always happy to receive products for consideration to review on Melissa Loses It. I am very particular about the products I promote here since my audience have specific needs. I will only ever review things I would personally recommend so my review posts are my own opinion if the item has been sent to me or if bought myself. Any item sent for review that appears on my blog will mention in the post it was sent for review and will appear in my PR category. Please contact me for a delivery address if you would like to send me something to consider for review.

Sponsored Posts

As yet I haven’t done a sponsored post but I am happy to work with brands to create natural content for my blog if it would be of interest to my audience. Things that are of interest to my audience fit categories such as food and nutrition products, fitness and fitness gear, fashion and anything supportive of the healthy active lifestyle I lead to maintain my 70 kilo weight loss. I am also happy to work on sponsored social media posts so long as they fit well with my usual content. Any sponsored content will be marked as such. Please get in touch if you are interested in working with me and we can discuss our options.

Public Speaking

I am a very confident speaker and love to address a crowd, the bigger the better! I have been invited to speak to groups who are considering bariatric surgery and have had fantastic feedback from those engagements. I can talk forever about pretty much anything but in particular can talk about my journey through weight loss surgery, the head games and strategies to get through and can be very motivational and inspirational. This is something I am very keen to develop so please get in touch if you have a suitable event.