Dr. Feelgood Protein Ice Pops Review

Now that I am quite careful with my diet out of necessity after my gastric bypass I am always on the lookout for treats that fit within the nutritional guidelines I try to stay within. I saw these new Dr. Feelgood Protein Pops somewhere on social media and thought I would keep an eye out for them.

Usually the fat content in protein rich products is too high for my liking usually because of what they are made out of, so I was expecting to pick these up, read the nutritional panel and put them right back but that wasn’t necessary this time. The nutritional information for these is pretty good. Per protein pop there is 20 grams of protein, 2.8 grams of fat and 5 grams of sugar. The total calories are 165, that’s 693 kilojules. This fits so within the nutiritonal guidelines I try to stay between which I talked about in my reading food labels post that I’m not sure if I can even define it as a treat food!

Dr Feelgood protein pops nutrition panel

High in protein, low in sugar and fat! Awesome, they probably taste bad then huh? My brain still tries to tell me that any treat food that’s actually healthy and good for me must taste bad but boy was my brain wrong. These protein pops have a really nice chocolate coffee flavour to them and none of the ick protein powder taste that you usually get with protein rich or enhanced products.

The texture and general consistency was so close to real ice cream I really didn’t notice a difference. The best thing though was how full these make me feel. Even when I tried to drink water for about an hour after I could only have a tiny bit and then I would feel super full again. If you’re wanting a snack that feels naughty but is good for you and fills you up THIS IS IT!

I can see these are going to be really handy on days that I haven’t met my protein needs. I can have one of these to give me a huge boost and make sure I get myself over the threshold of what I need. One of these gives me a quarter of the upper limit of my daily protein goal.

I got a multi pack of four protein pops which was $16.98. This works out to about $4.25 per protein pop. While not the cheapest cool treat around this is about an average amount I would spend on a protein bar and not really think anything of it so I don’t think they are badly priced. The packaging is really nice and has heaps of information on it too which I really apreciate now that I’m such a food label nerd.

Dr Feelgood Protein Ice pops

When I picked these up I saw a couple of other flavours like mint chocolate that I’m now super keen to try since this flavour was so good! Farro Fresh (my fave shop ever!) are the main stockist of these in Auckland but you can also pick them up from Naturally Organic in Albany too. Let’s hope more stockists pick these up soon because they are really good. Taste and nutritional rating 5/5!

Have you tried these protein pops? Let me know what you think when you do I’d be interested to know if you like them as much as me. Now I need to go and read my previous post about habits to remind myself these shouldn’t become a daily thing!

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