The Honest Food Co Protein Bars Review

I have protein bars once or twice a week and for me a protein bar is a whole meal. I have a few that I have on hand most of the time and I wanted to review The Honest Food Co’s Brownie and Blondie protein bars first.

How these stack up nutritionally:

The Blondie Bar:

This bar is 50 grams net weight and is one serve per package. Per bar there is 16.8 g of protein, 833 kj (approx 200 calories) 12 g of fat and 4.8 g of sugar.

The Brownie Bar:

This bar is 50 grams net weight and is one serve per package. Per bar there is 16.4 g of protein, 803 kf (approx 190 calories) 10.9 g of fat and 4.8 g of sugar.

Visually these protein bars look appealing and each have a nice little topping which make them seem a bit more fancy. Let’s face it most protein bars look like lumps but these ones look like nice yummy lumps so they definitely have that going for them. Here’s what they look like out of the packet.


Pricewise these bars range between $6 to $7 so they are on the more expensive side in terms of protein bars but they are worth it. Taste wise these bars are really good. I prefer the blondie bar over the brownie bar but will happily eat either flavour. The Blondie bar is almond based while the brownie bar is cashew based. Generally I prefer almonds so that may be while I slightly prefer the Blondie bar. These bars are nice without being to sickly sweet and I really like that they arent trying to be a thinly veiled pretend chocolate bar which so many other protein bars try to be.

Texturally these bars have a really nice feel in your mouth. They don’t at have a chalky texture or have that weird ick protein taste that so many other ‘protein’ products have so that is a major upside compared to others I’ve tried. These bars are a bit sticky and since I have to chew everything lots I tend to notice that but it’s nothing that’s annoying or puts me off them.

I really like that these are locally produced in Auckland, NZ. They are gluten free, paleo (not one of my goals but lots of paleo food seems to be suitable for me). I like to support local producers so even though they are a bit more expensive I really don’t mind paying the extra. Also since I tend to only have one once a week and it’s a whole meal for me it’s really not a high price to pay.

Have you tried these or are inspired to try these bars form reading my review? You can order them directly from The Honest Food Co here. Let me know which is your favorite Brownie or Blondie?

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  1. Lena at 3:26 pm

    Ooh the brownie sounds really nice! I had a bunch of the Tom & Luke Black Forest Bites I bought at the green living expo which were great for a snack.

  2. Amanda @ MoveLoveEat at 5:04 pm

    I love the honest food co protein bars! They are just the right amount of sweetness (not much) so you don’t crave more but they fill the spot. Unfortunately I could easily eat one for morning and afternoon tea so try not too get them too often but when I have some spare $ I like to treat myself 🙂

  3. Carolyn at 9:02 am

    I have found these to be yummy too. Only problem is that they are sold out…Online shopping….Does anyone know why and for how long? I first tried them when they were selling them at Paleo café.

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